Let’s uncover. (1)

Even I sometimes learn of a great song through a cover. (But I’m then also mostly able to tell that this is a cover, as most covers have a very distinctive sound that’s NOT like the covering bands normal sound. And yes, I’ll still bodily harm or harshly scoff anyone who thinks that Marilyn Manson performed “Personal Jesus” first. Yes, I heard that once. Yes, she was trying to flirt with me. Yes, I shot her down because of that. Because… Daaaaamn, girl! When you’re in a goth club in the mid 00s and in your mid-20s, you better KNOW your shit!) {…*looks at tangent, sighs* If I should ever write my memoirs, they will probably encapsulate the first six years of my live and end with a 300 page long tangent on Polish Wheat Farming in the 1980s…}

Anyway. A great song. A great cover. A fitting mood.

Demons and Wizards – White Room [Demons and Wizards] | 2000 [And yes, that’s a 90s album for me. Recorded in 99 and released in early 2000.] | Metal

[expand title=”Lyrics”]
In the white room with black curtains near the station.
Black-roof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings.
Silver horses run down moonbeams in your dark eyes.
Dawn-light smiles on you leaving, my contentment.

I’ll wait in this place where the sun never shines;
Wait in this place where the shadows run from themselves.

You said no strings could secure you at the station.
Platform ticket, restless diesels, goodbye windows.
I walked into such a sad time at the station.
As I walked out, felt my own need just beginning.

I’ll wait in the queue when the trains come back;
Lie with you where the shadows run from themselves.

At the party she was kindness in the hard crowd.
Consolation for the old wound now forgotten.
Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her dark eyes.
She’s just dressing, goodbye windows, tired starlings.

I’ll sleep in this place with the lonely crowd;
Lie in the dark where the shadows run from themselves.[/expand]

Original at the end of the post.

First, the technicalities: The cover can’t compare with the flow of Clapton’s original guitar playing. I won’t dispute that. But it’s got a stronger sense of… Power. Of strength. Of force. The almost military beat is there in the original, too, but much more subdued. Playing this up in the cover underlines the fact that it’s being covered by a Metal band. And the singing… Well. I’m a fan of Hansi K├╝rsch. I won’t ever dispute that. I love Blind Guardian. And he brings the song out in a very nice way. Where the flow of the guitar falls slightly short of the original, the flow of the lyrics is much improved, in my opinion. If they’d let some of the prolonged solos from the original in (especially from the live versions) it would have been even better. But, even so, this is a great cover. It’s a great song in either version, period.

The personal connotations… Are diverse. I bought the Demons and Wizards CD when it came out, and it spoke to me. “Path of Glory” is still one of my personal hymns. It’s one of the most uplifting and strengthening songs I know. And I needed that very much during those time. When I came to appreciate “White Room”, it grew on my. It has a multitude of romantic, dramatic, depressing, joyful and wild connections with me and the people I hung out with at around 2001-2005. It was always with me in my car when I went out to dance, to meet people, to spend time with dear friends and dearer affairs. It was there when I was being dumped, when I was being betrayed, when I was going through utter shit. And then it was still there when things picked up again, when I met new people and made even more exciting experiences and went to some pretty fucking amazing private parties and even more private two-person dates.

This song moves me and when I listen to its lyrics they speak to me in nuances. The tigers, the shadows, the streets and the room change their appearance and focus with the change of time and locale and experiences. Last weeks harsh ending made me pull it out again. Today, seeing my new flat taking shape faster and with less hassle than I had dreamed of made me do so again.

So I share with you.
Old and new. Original and interpretation.

Enjoy it.
And DO buy “Demons and Wizards” if you can still find it. It’s a pretty fucking amazing album that combines Blind Guardian and Iced Earth and gives you something much stronger. It runs through powerful hymns and tragic ballads and manages to move you in a varied amount of emotional directions. Give it a chance. You just might like it.

Cream – White Room [Wheels on Fire] | 1968 | Rock