Let’s be tired.

Today, I spent about five and a half hours doing mind-bogglingly tedious and taxing work, just as a favour to my parents.
And while it was, I think, good for me health-wise, it still took its toll on my energy. I just really hate gardens and nature and anything related to it.

Partly also because after I got home I found a new video card for my PC waiting for me, which is about 150% better than what I had until now, I installed it, configured it… And all I see is speed-loss. Which sucks in a major way, as I’m awaiting Skyrim on Friday. And maybe Sword of the Start II will be patched into a playable state too, this month. But it also hit my Deus Ex: Human Revolution FPS, so it means right now I can’t play The Missing Link.

Instead of trying to figure this out today, I’ll shut my PC down earlier than on most days after loading some relaxing music and movies on my iPad. Then I’ll go to bed and try to forget this day ever happened. And hope that tomorrow will present a way to fix the FPS issue. And maybe FINALLY get that writing done I’m sitting on for a few days now. I get paragraphs done, yes, but not in a speed I’m happy with. Which sucks.

While I was browsing iTunes for some relaxing tunes I found something really, really old but really, really good. As a bonus, it doesn’t sport any lyrics, which makes me happy as I don’t have to track them down, re-format them and put them in that stupidly arcane tag here.

It’s something so 80s that even Blank and Jones have to bow their heads in respect.

I give you… Crocket’s Theme from the series “Miami Vice”.

Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme [Miami Vice OST] | 1984 for the original composition, 2002 for the “Complete Collection” album, which I HIGHLY recommend! | …Chill-out Ambient?

This piece of composition never fails to make me relax, cool down and smile.
For some reason I also think about whiskey, crime, dangerous women and fast cars. Really don’t know why.

As a small, added bonus, I will leave you all with a small collection of TV intros for shows which played highly into my childhood and early teens. I’m really hoping to give at least a few of you pangs of nostalgia and fun memories. And if the rest of you curses me into painful oblivion… Well… That’s just a perk of writing this blog.

[Fun fact: The lyrics to this composition are “Suicide is painless/It brings on many changes/You can take or leave it/As you please” – It fit the show perfectly. One of the few good non-British Dark Comedies.]

Those shows made my weekends and even my week-days when I was going through 1st to 10th grade.
Enjoy. :)