Sense of Loss. Sense of Dislocation.

Massive Attack – Dissolved Girl Massive Attack – Dissolved Girl [Lyrics] “City Lights” by Susan Coffey ///A tattoo made out of geometric forms and symbols, Triangles. Squares. Connected by Lines., drawn in light-red on sun-bathed skin, decorating the whole of the arm from shoulder to elbow, looking almost like scars, almost but not quite./// There … Continue reading

Shadowun 5th Edition Review

Shadowrun 5th Edition Core Rules Review [Review PDF Copy, obtained on the 24th of June, 2013] by Matthäus Cebulla Welcome, dear reader, to a review that was somewhat of a small odyssey for me. This is not just a simple, “read and rate” review. I took care to focus on three distinct areas of the … Continue reading

Even when the 80s had JUST BEGUN…

…they were already awesome. Listen to those Post-Punk roots. It’s… It’s punk. Yet it’s not any more. It’s slightly goth-ish, yet it’s not yet. And what it is… Is being full of energy. Full of social significance. And seeping that rather distinctly 80s form of ass-kicking. The one where you imagine skinny-ties and immaculate (if … Continue reading

First of May.

There’s… Not really much to say. … No, wait. For this post there IS something to say. It’s about memories. End of April. A war memorial. Cool people. Cool music. Guitars. Ghettosblasters for the times without guitars. Disposable BBQs. And a stretch of park-area filled with small groups of good friends, being there for themselves … Continue reading