Gothtober 2017 – 29th of October / And One – Military Fashion Show

One thing that continues to draw me into various Goth soundscapes is that the really good acts manage to inject a sense of coldness to topics that traditionally aren’t handled in such a manner.

Take today’s song as an example: It’s a tale of lurid, emotionally intense sexual escapades. But it’s presented in starkly cold, mechanical manner.

And I oh so very much love it.

While I do also enjoy and love the emotional and vibrant examples of Goth music, there’s just something about a really well done “cold” song that makes me really happy.

And while many of those are great to dance to, there’s one particular thing I tend to use them for outside the club: Concentrating and focusing.

Mathematical beats, cold vocal delivery and calculated rhythms lend themselves very much to help me focus my mind and get down to work.

There are many genres I use for that. Jazz. Classical. Baroque. Ambient (Especially the stuff I like to label as “Space Ambient”). And various forms of Electronic music. (Tangerine Dream and Software like stuff.)

But also, well, cold goth stuff. Be it EMB or Industrial or Future-/Synthpop or even Coldwave.

There’s just something about that kind of stuff that helps me to get my mind set on one task. And it’s one of the very few exceptions to one rule I have: Music with lyrics is not for working.

Most of the time, it isn’t. But not with cold goth sounds. They just put me at ease enough that I can dedicate most of my brainpower to work on the task I want to work on.

Which is why I might have had this particular song playing on one-repeat for the duration of me writing this particular post. ;)

And, well, yes…

I DO have memories associated with this song. Trivially fun ones of nights partying and dancing and laughing. And less trivially fun ones. But I won’t talk about those. This kind of music doesn’t just help with focusing on writing related tasks is the only think I’ll say about it.

After talking to a friend about this project, I want to leave one slight piece of commentary here: The song I chose for this Gothtober are not meant to be some sort of “Best of Goth, Ever” selection. Not even a “Best of Band’s Output” collection, either.

The songs I chose here are songs that fit, in whatever weird and convoluted way, to the picture and/or story I chose for that particular day. And sometimes I remember a song, or have one in mind, and seek out a motive and/or story to set to it.

All three elements inform each other through very weird, internal connections of emotional attachment, memories and just general sense of je ne sais quoi.

In a few days, the “Matt’S Gothtober 2017” playlist will be ready. And it will have 31 amazing songs. But not… Well… The /best/ songs necessarily. Just the best ones for that moment in time where I was choosing songs. :)

Düsseldorf Völklinger Str, 26th of October 2017

Düsseldorf Völklinger Str, 26th of October 2017

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