Gothtober 2017 – 28th of October / Solar Fake – Such a Shame

Travelling is amazing.
Especially if it’s done to meet good friends.
Less so if it’s to leave said friend.

The picture you’re seeing?

I’ve been at this central station a lot.
A /lot/.

I’ve taken trips to Berlin, Mainz, Frankfurt am Main, Darmstadt, Tübingen, Hamburg, Oldenburg, Copenhagen, London and nearly all of Rhine-Ruhr from there. For many years, it has been my central transportation hub. Back when I had both time and money to spend as freely as possible.

I’ve taken those trips during all the hours of the day and the night.

And I’ve taken those trips often.

Almost always to meet awesome people for awesome times.
A few times I’ve actually driven several hundred kilometers just to attend a party or a concert or, once, a movie night with someone dear to me.

As The Killers said: When We Were Young.

Those are bittersweet memories now.

Some of those people are, sadly, gone from my life now. Some drifted apart. With some there was a falling out. One… Ceased to be. Some I pushed away.

Most are still with me, though. Thankfully. And I’m making good progress to get some I thought lost completely back into my sphere of influence. Because, surprisingly enough, even after ten years without greater contact, there still is enough common ground, common interests and common ideology to reconnect on a level almost as deep as before. … Yeah, I had both skill and luck when it came to choose friends.

But still, even after reconnecting… It’s not as easy to meet up as it was back then. Even with some who live near by. Time has become a currency harder to come by than money for some.

The most stupid and infuriating moments happen when one of us has the time to spend freely, but the other doesn’t. Because they’re bound by work to whittle away their precious time in this world to perform tasks just to be able to survive. To live. To have the resources to spend.

Such a damn shame.

I’m really not far off of waving the red and black flags with a dagger in my teeth these days, the more I think about how people have to basically pay with their time on this planet to be able to afford food, shelter and comfort. It’s just… It’s both unfair and inhumane.

But, as angry as those thoughts make me, they aren’t the reason why I make this a Gothtober post.

The reason is, that traveling by train, at night, to and from intimate friends?

There’s almost no better muse there is.

I’ve written so much on those train rides.

For my journals. For my campaigns. For my short stories. For my various projects.

Seeing the nightly landscape pass me by, feeling the rumbling of the train, listening to focused and well designed playlists, having either emotional anticipation inside or feeling flushed from a warm good-bye after an intense and intimate meeting with a friend… That’s the stuff. Better than any drug. Better than any sudden inspiration.

And it’s a connection to all those writers that are seen as the greats of Gothic Literature. People like Byron, Shelley, Stoker and Poe.

It’s easy to find oneself in a mindspace near to theirs when in those specific physical and emotional circumstances.

And there are few things more goth than pouring out your soul’s innermost thoughts when you’re either anticipating hugging someone you hold dear after a long time, or just after you’ve been hugged good-bye by them and are experiencing the first pangs of sadness because you miss them already.

Meet friends.
Create Memories.

Don’t let time pass you by.
Don’t just be passive.
Don’t just consume.

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And don’t be fooled: Spending your precious time with good friends, doing frivolous things?
That’s a very bright thing to.

Essen Central Station, 26th of October, 2017

Essen Central Station, 26th of October, 2017

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