Gothtober 2017 – 23rd of October / Martin L. Gore – Compulsion

Not all Goth needs to sound gloomy and spooky and dark and foreboding. There’s enough room for some cheery, bubblegum, downright uplifting tracks as well.

Not all bands produce one of those tracks, but enough to. A party hymn here, a dancefloor-hit there and perhaps a simple fun song for the hell of it thrown onto an album.

And while Goths like moribound and dark and macabre things, we also enjoy having a good time. And we know how to have a good time, as well. And sometimes this calls for just this kind of music.

And at other times, it calls for pushing and bribing your DJ long enough until he relents and puts on the Gummi Bears theme song on, and the whole damn club erupts in grins and smiles and laughter and dance.

It’s downright glorious, let me tell you.

While many goths do experience a time of being supremely earnest and dour, this tends to not last long after finding their place inside a supportive, dark “family”.

It tends to fade as soon as those young gothlings find people who accept, support and encourage them. Who become their friends and confidantes. Who help them open up and be comfortable with their own self.

And then… Then you walk the streets at night, all five of you gothed out, vociferously singing a kid’s song about a band of small fish swimming away from their mum. With extra-excitedly choruses consisting of nothing but “Blubb, Blubb, Blubbitty-Blub!”.

But, yes.

Of course we’re all humourless, dour darklings mere moments away from suicide. ;)

Can I also just mention how much I love this song?

“Life sometimes sucks, and you don’t always have a plan, and people who love you will need to push you, but at some point, you WILL find your way. Don’t despair. Go on. Continue. LIVE!”

Düsseldorf Medienhafen, 23.10.2017

Düsseldorf Medienhafen, 23.10.2017

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