Gothtober 2017 – 22nd of October / Empyrium – Ode To Melancholy

Beauty in Darkness.

In industrial landscapes.
In terrible weather.
In forsaken buildings.
In decay.
In crumbling facades.

And also in dark and downbeat music, such as with today’s track.

One of the things I also love about autumn days and nights is putting on some really, really dark/depressing/droning music and just walk and drive around the cities near me. About anything by Emyprium. Raison D’être. Lustmord. Quite a few early VNV Nation songs. Vangelis’ Blade Runner OST. Anything else Cyberpunky I have (, NewRetroWave stuff). All my Dark Ambient stuff.

So, put on some nicely dark tunes, just walk/drive to an industrial or run-down or forsaken area when it’s a grey, shitty day; when it’s raining and when you have some time to kill.

And then… Soak in the atmosphere.

Let the weather, the light, the surroundings and the music all mingle together.

And let your mind wander. Let your thoughts go along the lines that come out of this particular atmosphere. Don’t lead them too much. Don’t try to “actively” think, if you know what I mean. Just let the outside stimuli work on your thoughts.

It can be pretty damn… Interesting.

For me, it often leads to very introspective and at the same time creative moments. I try to have a notebook with me when I do this, as I tend to get really good and creative ideas in those moments. Which tells me that I probably should do those small jaunts more often. But that’s not always feasible. The weather has to be just the /right amount/ of shitty.

Simply raining isn’t enough, for example. It has to be this annoying, soul-sucking, rhine-ruhr-autumn-drizzle. That kind of weather that when you look out the window, you immediately lose a few points of motivation from your motivation pool.

And then I have to be at home, have the time and the opportunity to get out.

But when I can… I do.

And you should too, at least once.
It’s a really interesting experience.

Dortmund Südrfriedhof, 14th of October 2017

Dortmund Südrfriedhof, 14th of October 2017

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