Gothtober 2017 – 21st of October / The Dreamside – Slow

Today is a slow day, so I chose a slow song.
And picked a picture of a lonely traveller.

I’m writing this entry while suffering from a mild migraine, so it won’t contain significant content.

But I have to force myself to actually put this entry out on the day it’s supposed to be out.
To choose a song.
To choose a picture.
To edit the picture in a way that it complements the song.
And then to write at least a few lines about something that relates to all this.

Because what is a monthly challenge if you abandon it on the first small hurdle?

So for today… The theme is slow. Subdued. Ethereal.

Sometimes you just kind of want to crawl under a blanket, turn off the light and just stay there. Listening to music. Reading a book. Drinking your favourite drink.

Autumn days are almost as good as winter days for that. You can use the gloomier weather to boost your home’s “sacred ground” atmosphere. To huddle up with comforting thoughts, smells and emotions. To feel safe and content.

The worse the weather, the more comforting your retreat feels.

And being part of certain subcultures (of which Goth is one) gives you a nice advantage here: Incense.

If you can brew a nice tea or cup of cocoa, take a good book, a good album and a comfortable and warm blanket and /then/ also light up the perfect incense? You have a nice, relaxing, strength-giving day to look forward to.

Myself… I have to get out of the house shortly after posting this.
To buy some painkillers and visit some friends.

But you can bet that I’ll be doing what I’m writing about now tomorrow.

Gelsenkirchen Central Station, 06:05, 20th of October 2017

Gelsenkirchen Central Station, 06:05, 20th of October 2017

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