Gothtober 2017 – 19th of October / Xmal Deutschland – Mondlicht

German goth royalty.
Which ended in a pretty French way, even though it was a self-inflicted decapitation that did them in.

If you start out strong in one genre, and continue to grow in both skill and appreciation in said genre, don’t be surprised that, when you then suddenly change genre and style in a 180° turn, you basically… Sie.

Which is what happened to Xmal Deutschland in the later 80s.

C’est la vie.

This project strongly reminded me that I really like autumn.
It’s warm at times, often windy, everything smells nice, you get a nice mix between sunlight and moonlight.

And when you get up and out at around 05:00 you get peak “perfect morning” experiences, as you start your journey to work in a deep night, and get to experience sunrise and light-change and the waking of the city.

Going out when almost every window is dark and nobody is on the streets and then starting to see more and more people and cars and lights and live and chaos… It’s glorious. It helps me to wake up myself. Just taking it all in.

Music in my ears, notebook (or a notebook app) in my hands and my eyes and mind wandering all around: People, faces, postures. The movement and dance of cars and trains. Shadows appearing and growing large and then small again. The sun sliding from the east into its ever shorter and shorter southern zenith. Clouds changing colour and texture. Stark blues and whites giving way to reds and oranges. (…It’s weird to use this pluralization for the colour and not the fruit…)

And then, later in the day, you get to see it all in reverse. With beautiful pastel colours changing into those lovely, stark whites and blues. And then the sky goes dark, but the city goes bright.

People still drive and walk and shop and laugh.

And it’s… Glorious.

And you can wear your favourite hoodie, perhaps a scarf too if it’s colder than usual, and just walk in what is basically a cool-but-not-cold active night.

Even when it rains, it’s beautiful, with electrical light mirroring itself in rain-slick surfaces.

The only autumn weather that really /sucks/ is the weather when the sky is a gray, overcast mess of total /nothing/.

But when it’s warm or cool, windy or not, dry or wet… When you can feel the air on your face and smell the smell of nature lying itself to rest…

And perhaps spot a Murder of Jackdaws in a treeline?

That’s peak Goth.
That’s why Gothtober is a thing, really.
Because it’s beautiful and emotional and embodies the change into darkness from light without smothering you in it.

Autumn makes me happy.

Gelsenkirchen Erle, Very Early (Foggy) Morning, 18th of October, 2017

Gelsenkirchen Erle, Very Early (Foggy) Morning, 18th of October, 2017

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