Gothtober 2017 – 18th of October / Anne Clark – Poem Without Words 2 – Journey by Night

I also love purely instrumental tracks. I don’t know if it’s because I like classical music or if I like classical music because of my live for instrumental tracks.

There’s something amazing about being able to evoke emotions and stories with nothing but instruments.

In modern music, the focus drifted so much onto the lead singer that several genres have tried, more or less successfully, to make the accompanying music to nothing more but background fluff.

{Tangent: Before anybody even has the option to start: This is NOT a diss of electronic music. There are more than enough electronic artists out there, spanning all eras, who haved shown that even fully digital music can be stirring and requires skill and talent to master. Tangerine Dream. Vangelis. Jean-Michel Jarre (Even with all his other failings…). To name but a few. I’m simply against cheap, heart- and thoughtless musical productions.}

Even in alternative genres, there’s a hyperfocus on singers (Marilyn Mansound would be worth /shit/ without Twiggy…) or lead-instrumentalists. Forgetting that that the band is a whole. That without even one of them, they would be diminished.

Which is not to say that vocalists are worth any less! Quite the contrary. But they can only fulfill their whole potential with a band that complements them. Supports them. Is supported by them.

i think that the best case to be made for this is Tarja and Nightwish. After she was kicked out, both her and the band continued to produce music. But, well, Tarja’s voice alone wasn’t a hit maker. Neither were Nightwish with a swapped singer.

ogether they had truly been more than just the sum of all parts.

I kind of lost my own point somewhere above. Sorry.

But it is a simple one: Try to listen to purely instrumental music of your choice from time to time. Enjoy and savour your favourite genre with the focus not on one part of the band, but ths music itself.

Let yourself hear and feel the beat and the groove and the flow. And consciously try to focus and identify all those musical hooks that you like most when you hear them in a song. it will help you to better understand why you like it. And this will make it easier to find new stuff to listen to, perhaps even outside your genre comfort zone.

Addendum: This post was 100% created on a mobile phone. I took the picture on my phone. Edited it on my phone. Used my phone to upload it to my server. Used my phone to write this entry (So please excuse any weird typos!). Listened to a dozen songs and picked this one while riding the bus. And then fit it all together and published it with the wordpress app. Besides a few infuriating limitations in the Spotify and WordPress apps, it was both easy and quick.

We’re truly in the all-connected, super-digital future now.

Gelsenkirchen Erle, Very Early (foggy) Morning, 18th of October, 2017

Gelsenkirchen Erle, Very Early (foggy) Morning, 18th of October, 2017

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