Gothtober 2017 – 14th of October / The Sisters of Mercy – Temple of Love (Extended 1992 Version)

I almost couldn’t decide upon which song to use today.

So I went for another “Must Have”, iconic, goth song.

(Also, for another remix/alternate version, because when I latch on to a theme, I tend to keep chewing on it. ;) )


Andrew Eldritch.

Goth icon.
Magnificent bastard.
Utter asshole.

Here we have a guy whose vocals and lyrics are an undeniable part of Goth culture. Not only Temple of Love.

This Corrosion. Dominion. Alice. Lucretia My Reflection. The Floods. Driven Like The Snow. Black Planet. Marian. Body Electric.
Even the super-short “Never Land – A Fragment” (I would, by the way, kill to have a full song or two made in the style and tune of that song).

So, we have this guy.

We also have him and the band being regular guests and M’era Luna and WGT and Amphi Festival since 2012.
And touring regularly. Like, well, fucking YEARLY. For over two decades now.

I mean…

Whilst the band enjoys a considerable fan base with overlapping interests in so-called dark culture, the Sisters of Mercy consider themselves first and foremost a rock band. They have discouraged their association with “goth” via regular public statements in the press, and stipulations in their standard contract riders. Nevertheless, this has not stopped them from regularly appearing at festivals where this music is featured, such as M’era Luna.

We have this guy.

And then we also have him, to this day, deny any link to Goth culture, and decrying his own fans.

The less is said about his petty treatment of band mates, the better.

So, this asshole.

But then we also have his story of how he got out of the deal with EastWest (A Division of TimeWarner™).
Let me just quote Wikipedia here, because there is no need to embellish anything.

In 1997 Eldritch produced the SSV album Go Figure, featuring his vocals over drumless electronic music. The album finally freed him from his contractual obligations, as EastWest agreed to waive their claims for two more Sisters of Mercy albums in exchange for the recordings. The SSV tracks were, however, never officially released. The full name of the band is SSV-NSMABAAOTWMODAACOTIATW, said to be an acronym for “Screw Shareholder Value – Not So Much A Band As Another Opportunity To Waste Money on Drugs And Ammunition Courtesy of the Idiots at Time Warner”.


In late 1997, the contract with EastWest was terminated, after the company agreed to accept material recorded under the SSV name instead of two albums for which the Sisters of Mercy had contractual obligations. The company agreed to accept the material (techno-like droning featuring mumbling vocals by Andrew Eldritch, without drums) without listening to it first. The recordings were never officially released and circulated only through pirate MP3s.

And we also have him calling his Drum Machine “Doktor Avalanche”. Because… Of course!

So, this magnificent bastard.

People are complicated.
And Eldritch is no exception.

Despite his weird insistence of not being Goth, he very much is.

Not only is he part of Goth history, he is almost a kind of Unknown Armies like self-destructive Avatar Of Goth.
He personifies several aspects, both good (persistence, style) and bad (utterly unable to take a fucking joke or take things lightly), as well as almost nobody else.

Happy Friday the 13th everybody.
Go out tonight, do something cool.
And that can be whatever is cool to you.
Just… Try to do it outside, at night.
Write. Read a book. Draw something. Watch the stars. Dance. Meet friends. Drive without a target. Listen to music.
Just… Do it outside. Soak in the atmosphere. Forget the daily grind.

Don’t become… This guy:

Speculation about a new release was renewed in November 2016 when Eldritch was quoted by TeamRock website: “I can tell you one thing: If Donald Trump actually does become President, that will be reason enough for me to release another album. I don’t think I could keep quiet if that happened.”

As yet, no new album has been released since Trump took office.

Düsseldorf Medienhafen, Early Morning, 12th of October, 2017

Düsseldorf Medienhafen, Early Morning, 12th of October, 2017

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