Gothtober 2017 – 11th of October / Das Ich – Destillat (VNV Nation Remix)


Count the number of Temple of Love versions. Count the remixes of Beloved. Go talk to your favourite DJ and ask them for their favourite remix track/club version/dance cut.

This stuff is like fucking Pok√©mon for Goths! (And electroheads and a few other genre-nerds as well, I’m pretty damn sure.)

There’s a certain magic when it comes to good, or even great, remixes: You have the chance of seeing artists you like play around with and re-arrange the composition of another artist you like. And sometimes, magic emerges.

The song I’ve chosen is one of my favourite examples.
When this particular remix hit the ground, it was an /instant/ dancefloor favourite.
It became so much of a dancefloor favourite, that I’m pretty sure I know at least two people reading my entries who started to groan when they saw its name in the title. ;)

For over two years, you could not hit a single damn club in Rhine-Ruhr without hearing this track.

But, there’s more.

New Order doing Ceremony being a big one: Bands that once were another band doing an old song in the new style. It’s not quite a cover, but also not a “pure” remix. It’s something else. And something worth hunting for.

And hunting… That we do. (Well, did. Modern times kind of made it way too easy to be worth mentioning.)

I have several CDs in my collection that are nothing but remix collections. Most of them official. A few bootlegs. And even a rare few DJ-only pressings.

Because, well, there were a few songs that you could /only/ hear when you hit the dancefloor. They appeared on no album, no compilation, no bootleg. You had to literally suck up to your DJ to get a chance to own them. (In my case? Way too many Rum’n’Cokes send up to his booth. But it also got me the added bonus of being allowed to learn, master and control the light show for a year. Amazing fucking memories. :) )

So, not only were some remixes just damn good tracks, a few were even legitimately rare/limited. Something you only really got from CCGs in this form, to be honest.

But when you went to your regular 2nd hand record shop, and you chanced upon a discarded rare bootleg, or even an ultra rare DJ copy (supposedly from some poor soul having to give up the profession, sadly), you just grabbed it and let the cashier ring it up for you. There was no hesitation. It was a remix!

The early 2000s were kind of the high-point of this. With the quick and furious exchanges between VNV Nation, Covenant, Apoptygma Berzerk, Deine Lakaien, Project Pitchfork, Beborn Beton and many, many others… It was a golden time, of sorts. All those acts at the height of their game, connected by a sprawling, international club- and festival culture and network. They just went to town and scored some of the most memorable tracks of the dacade.

They didn’t let themselves be locked in to their own ideas too much.

Deathstar Disco forever.

Dortmund Rombergpark, 8th of October 2017

Dortmund Rombergpark, 8th of October 2017

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