Gothtober 2017 – 10th of October / In Strict Confidence – Industrial Love (VNV Nation Remix)

After Wolfsheim and Deine Lakaien, why not continue the electronic slop I’ve found myself on?
Yes. Yes I think I’ll do just that.

It’s weird how the whole of Goth musical sub-culture has become such a wide umbrella for all those disperate styles. Goth Rock and Post-Punk and EBM and Industrial and Goth Metal and Medieval and Ethereal and Industrial-Metal and Deathrock and Batcave…

You see this most starkly whenever you visit a Goth festival that lasts longer than just a day: All those different styles just smashing into each other and flowing together into a dark, black, happy mass in which occasional flashes of colour can be spotted.

And while there are several (some more, some less) stupid internal divisions and stress points (“No neon!”) inside our black family, it really does do run on huge amounts of “You do you.”.

So you can be waving to some nice, naturalistic, ethereal tunes before you start to stomp to some cold, calculated, British EBM.

It’s something I’d never want to give up.

And while I personally very much started into all of this via your bog-standard heavy metal, electronic sounds quickly won me over. Which is not to say that they won an overwhelming victory. My list of favourite songs is heavily mood and situation dependent. And there are enough moods and situations that call for nothings short of a heavy barrage of guitars or soft, muted, analog melodies.

So just like on the dancefloor, I wave between Dead Can Dance, New Order, Spetznas, Depeche Mode, Die Krupps and Nouvelle Vague (and many, many, MANY others!) without hesitation or a second thought during my heavy listening sessions. And when I’m driving? Whoa Nelly, things get REALLY diverse then. (Favourite rush-hour driving song? Ludacris’s “Move Bitch”, easily! … Just… Don’t /ever/ listen to the censored version of that song. There are literal multi-second stretches of silence because of all the censoring. Fucking disgusting.)


Electronic music, be it slow or fast, upbeat or downbeat, heavy or soft. All of it has a place under the Goth umbrella.

…And I really do need to finally write that post about remixes.

Gelsenkirchen Central Station, very early morning, 9th of October 2017

Gelsenkirchen Central Station, very early morning, 9th of October 2017

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