Gothtober 2017 – 9th of October / Deine Lakaien – Kiss The Future

A song from 1999 dealing the 1980s and looking expectantly on to the coming of a new millennium, with the stated hope of having learned lessons well, even after having dome some bad decisions. With the hope of a new decade, century and millennium bringing new viewpoints and new strategies to cope with all the old fears and anxieties and dangers and breaking points.


That didn’t go too well, did it now?

Things seem to see-saw back into darker, less open times.

It’s not a coincidence that the whole Goth subculture could thrive so damn well in the turbulent 80s. Finding a bit of security and companionship mixed with a healthy dose of playful nihilism is just something I can relate to. (Surprising absolutely no-fucking-one reading this, I think. ;) )

But there are two other reasons why I love that song.
No, wait. Three!

1.) It’s such an amazing Cyberpunk song as well as a goth club hit. It’s very reminiscent of dealing with the Judge Dredd concept of “Future Shock”. Something that most Cyberpunk universes had baked into them from the start, seeing how much of a monolithic thread Japanese Zaibatsu often are portrayed as.

2.) All the damn 80s song/album references. Just pure damn gold for a nerd like me. (“Upstairs at Eric’s | They say ‘Don’t go!'”) It’s also heartwarming, as Veljanov (and probably Horn as well…) is clearly using this song to deal with his own getting older, bringing the memories of his youth into the context of going forward into a new age.

3.) The Polaroid line. Seeing as between the song coming out and me writing this blog entry, Polaroid died, was closed, purchased again and made active and hip again.

What did I say yesterday?

Plus ├ža change, indeed. ;)

Dortmund downtown, 7th of October 2017 Falling Facades.

Dortmund downtown, 7th of October 2017
Falling Facades.