Gothtober 2017 – 6th of October / Fields of the Nephilim – Moonchild

The further I get into this endavour, the more songs I come across which I really do see as “essentials”.
And this one? This one’s another one of those.
You all probably know it by heart.
But I’ll still use it and include it. Deal with it. ;)

And it’s again connected to both the picture and the situation.

Yesterday night was a perfect full moon.
It was a crisp, cold, clear autumn night.
I had the incredible luck to spend time with some friends I hadn’t spent time with for some time.
And we stayed and talked and laughed until 01:00 today.

When I finally got out to head back to my car, the intensity of the moon hit me.
I mean, it really /hit/ me. It was a stark, bright white circle in the pitch black sky.
I can only imagine how it would have looked in the countryside, without widespread light pollution masking all the stars from the sky.

Gelsenkirchen downtown, 6th of October, 2017

Gelsenkirchen downtown, 6th of October, 2017

I actually had to include that shot of the streetlamp into this picture, because without it it looked as if I just held my camera up to the sun. The moon really was that bright.

And so I spent at least one hour just driving around the empty streets of the city and getting out to take a few urbex shots here and there. Trying to frame the mood that was permeating me at the time.

And as with all things ephemeral, it didn’t really work.
I did get quite a few good shots, but… You can’t bottle lightning. And you can’t ever go back to the past.

But you sure as fuck can make sure that you continue to meet friends and bullshit away the nights even when you get older.

And while some might get lost along the way, there’s almost always a chance to reconnect. You just have to reach out and make the effort.

And yes, it will take effort.
It will take time. And energy. And it will not always be easy to slot it neatly into your day.

But, please, DO make the effort.
DO meet friends. Do rebuild emotional connections.

It’s oh so very rewarding.
Emotionally and mentally.

And I really do think that I will have to swallow some depression-induced crow and re-connect with the person who’ll always be the Moonchild to me. Due to a bad depression episode last year I more or less broke off contact in the most cowardly and weaselly way open to me at the time.

I’ll have to say sorry for this, and… Put in effort, energy and time.
And even if it doesn’t pay out, it will still be worth it.
Because some friends you just can’t afford to lose and/or throw away, no matter what your broken brain tells you at some dark moment.