Gothtober 2017 – 5th of October / Clan of Xymox – Jasmin and Rose

Probably one of my favourite Goth Rock tracks around.
A gradual build-up, then the guitar and drums kick in and then the lyrics take you in.

The air tastes just like you, it’s the smell of June.
A sensory shock that jolts my spirit, I slowly swallow you.
A spray of little droplets, a fragrance so refined.
The spirit of nostalgia is passing me by.

It’s a perfect mix of morbid and romantic.
Of sweet memories and the inevitability of loss. Of death.

What was ours will drift away, a simple breeze on a humid day.

Oh, nothing lasts, nothing lasts, forever

And it’s all packed into a nice, upbeat, pumping track that just gets you moving when you’re able to dance to it.

It’s music for autumn.
For driving through streets overflowing with red leaves and raindrops pounding into concrete streets.
For remembering loves long gone and savouring them with a bittersweet smile on your lips.

And so today’s picture is also about duality and themes often found in dark, gothic romances.

Light and Darkness. Darkness and Hope.

The missing church tower is missing on purpose. This particular church was bombed during WW2 and its then bishop decided against re-building the church tower completely, as to always remind all the people in the city about the price of war.

I rarely, if ever, agree with anything the Catholic Church says, does or wants.
But that? That is both a message and a delivery I can get behind.

Gelsenkirchen Buer - Domplatte, 5th of October 2017

Gelsenkirchen Buer – Domplatte, 5th of October 2017