Gothtober 2017 – 4th of October / Inkubus Sukkubus – Dark Mother (Spook Mix)

Nature and paganism quickly became supporting pillars of the Goth scene, both inside its musical side and outside it. It’s easy to see why, especially during the 90s. The boundaries between a sub-cultural lifestyle and a practiced religion that is outside the accepted ‘norm’ blur.

And when that sub-culture tends to turn towards older cultures and religions for imagery (besides bats, ankhs are probably THE go-to marker of being goth at heart) and lyrics… Well, then, why not share time and emotional connections with all those fine folks dressed in black who neither shame nor ridicule you for your newfound beliefs and practices? Who don’t try to proselytize. Who don’t preach. Who don’t judge.

Who are supportive. Offer support. Act in support.

And so… Well, Pagan Goths became a thing very quickly, and managed to enter the musical side of things as well. Not just in the medieval sub-section of it all, either.

So that’s how I chose today’s musical entry.

Inkubus Sukkubus are a delightful mixture of traditional Goth music, paganism, feminism and a dash of the mystical, morbid and just plain /fun/.

They started in the very early 90s and released their latest album in 2017. Talk about staying power! (And I will, in the future! Because like with Metal and a few other sub-cultures, bands and artists can manage to hang around for /ages/ in this, our small sub-culture.)

Their music is one of my still preferred blends of mysticism and dance music. They are often upbeat but dare to go down a notch or two when warranted. Their lyrics deal with the whole range from sex to death to old gods and all of those things combined. They back their songs with either just acoustic instruments, can go fully electronic and mix those two approaches.

It would be impossible for me to plan anything Goth related without including Inkubus Sukkubus.

So it is in their honour as well, that I chose the motif of today’s picture. And old tree in a park near me. You just /feel/ that it would be perfect for a sacrifice or two…

Gelsenkirchen Erle, Germany, 4th of October 2017

Gelsenkirchen Erle, Germany, 4th of October 2017