Gothtober 2017 – 1st of October / The Cure – Burn

I’ll start of my personal Gothtober Playlist with… Probably my favourite Cure track: Burn.

It was also specifically written for and orignally released on my favourite movie soundtrack: The Crow.

And what a fitting start it is. The Crow, in both its original comic form as well as the first movie, is just pure, distilled, refined and peak-perfect Gothness.

It’s dark, it’s mysterious, it’s mystical, it’s violent, it’s yearning, it’s romantic and it shines a light into the darkness.

Even after all those years, no movie really managed to beat The Crow when it comes to Urban Gothic visuals. Even though Dark City and Matrix both came very close. Both also being two really great movies by themselves. (And the less is said about the sequel movies, the better. They rival Highlander 2 in their horribleness.)

And while this is not the point of this list, I will suggest that you try to get at least one viewing of The Crow done this October. Preferably on a windy, dark night. It’s best enjoyed with friends who want to come along for the ride. Turn off the lights, give everybody a blanket, open the windows, let the gloomy October night in and enjoy one of the most goth movies ever released.

The rest OST for this movie is also just oh so very amazing. Besides “Burn” we also got the amazing NIN Cover of “Dead Souls”, a movie-specific re-recording of “Darkness of Greed”, Medicine re-recording their “Time Baby” and putting Elizabeth Fraser on the vocals and the hauntingly beautiful “It Can’t Rain All The Time” sung and co-written by Jane Siberry. And even when it veers into the violent, you get such gems as Pantera covering Poison’s “The Badge” and going all-out with it.

This is why I picked “Burn” to start this list: Not only is it a perfectly gothic song to begin with (“Oh don’t talk of love.”, the shadows purr | Murmuring me away from you | “Don’t talk of worlds that never were, | the end is all that’s ever true. | There’s nothing you can ever say, | nothing you can ever do…”), a song whose arrangement oozes darkness and dark romance, but it’s also the track taking point on an amazingly goth soundtrack to an amazingly goth movie.

Listen to it.
Listen to the Soundtrack as a whole.
Watch the movie.
Read the comics.

And let Gothober begin.

Gelsenkirchen, Germany, 1st of October 2017

Gelsenkirchen, Germany, 1st of October 2017