[Intermission] No post this weekend.

Clan Salubri by Z-GrimV

///Grungy, plaid shirt over wide-brimmed 70s style Jeans and open, un-tied leather boots.///

[This weekend was a head-ache filled one, so this post is a day late and really skirting the deadline. But my head isn’t cooperating well the last few days, so I had to cut it all short. I had a nice outline for a post about mashing and mixing things up with both genre and tone, but… After the sixth try to put them into words, I just had to sigh and stop trying. They’re all saved as drafts, so I hope that I’ll be bale to re-visit them next weekend.

I’ll try to get at least one day this week where I can sit down in a Starbucks in the afternoon or the evening, and let the atmosphere there help unlock some more parts of my brain. As well as collect more of those “caricatures via words”.

So as a slight “Sorry!” you get two inspirational pictures (and, really, DO check out the artists of the pics I post. They might lead you to more and more cool art!) and two Nouvelle Vague songs instead of just one. ;)

And with that… I’m sorry. Really. :-/

Clan Salubri by Z-GrimV