Even when the 80s had JUST BEGUN…

…they were already awesome.

Listen to those Post-Punk roots. It’s… It’s punk. Yet it’s not any more.
It’s slightly goth-ish, yet it’s not yet.

And what it is… Is being full of energy. Full of social significance. And seeping that rather distinctly 80s form of ass-kicking. The one where you imagine skinny-ties and immaculate (if off-colour) suits and some amount of coke (the non-liquid kind) to.

It also really filled the need for some headache-soothing music. So it’s got that as a bonus going for it, too.

But, seriously, get some of Gang of Four’s albums. Or even vinyls, if you can. You won’t be disappointed if you a) like 80s sounds and b) haven’t heard of them yet.


You know what? It wouldn’t be the same without the b-side.
So have that too!

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