First of May.

There’s… Not really much to say. … No, wait. For this post there IS something to say.
It’s about memories.

End of April.
A war memorial.
Cool people.
Cool music.
Ghettosblasters for the times without guitars.
Disposable BBQs.
And a stretch of park-area filled with small groups of good friends, being there for themselves and sharing in the communal experience of a warm, awesome, lazy spring night.

Whittling away the night until dawn. Listening to music. Making music.

Having the chance of attractive and awesome girls with their heads in your lap, you stroking their hair, eyes closed, jokes and music and relaxation all around.

Fuck. Yeah.
THAT was an awesome way to party!

And back when this was en vogue, there was also a certain kind of music around. I touched on this with my “Bro Hymn” post.

So, today, something that was pretty much “mainstream” back in my school-days, but would be retro-alternative now.
Still. Good, fun, energy laden music.

So, get your heads out of the gutter and enjoy five almost old-school, almost punk sounds!

Starting the show with one of the most awesome short songs ever made.
And one that pretty much encapsules my damn life in under two minutes. Still awesome. Still full of energy. Still perfect for a warm, lazy day! One of my most favourite songs in the world.

Have a GREAT DAY all!
Stay in Jammies and eat yesterday’s left-overs while watching old movies.

Whatever you do, BE AWESOME!

Matt out.