Jason Matthew Thirsk, this one’s for you.

Or, rather, because of you, you old, dead bastard. Rest in peace.

I recently listened to Bro Hymn again. And Bro Hymn… Bro Hymn was the song to one of the most magical nights in my early 20s.

So, first, listen to the song.

The lyrics are simple, but to the point. And I fully agree with them. Well, not… Fully. It should be a “Sis Hymn” for me. So I simply declare all my close and wonderful female friends to be honorary Bro’s! Mr. Stinson will oversee the ceremony. And I’ll have to make sure to keep him away from all of you afterwards. … You all rock. :)

“When you’re feeling too close to the bottom
You know who it is you can count on
Someone will pick you up again
We can conquer anything together
All of us are bonded forever
If I die you die that’s the way it is”

This is me. To you. As it always was.
And as I could always count on you.
Thank you.
And to another ten years.


This one night.

2002 or 2003 or even 2004. I know I was single then.
A Thursday.
It was a punk/hardcore night at the Saint, my favourite club.

I was there with some friends from school. Again, all female, as my male friends at that time were kinda… Introvert.
It weren’t even close friends. But they sure as hell knew how to party.

There was also… This other girl. Woman.
About as small as I am. But fitter. And hugely more attractive. Dreadlocks, long and blonde. A grin to die for. Khaki cargo-trousers. Multi-coloured shirt. White scarf. Black Boots. And moves… By the stars… She could move.

As the night went on, we came closer in the mosh-pit. We threw ourselves against each other. And shielded us from others. We danced closely. We hugged. We kissed. We shared a drink or two. We moshed and danced some more, with all the energy someone has at that age. … And we didn’t share a single word. We didn’t speak. We just… Watched. Moved. Danced. Smiled. Grinned. Bowed. Thrust. Pulled. Bit. Scratched. Pushed. Moshed.

And it was a magical night.

When it was time to go, she pulled me to herself and gave me a long, warm kiss. I responded in kind. We hugged. Smiled. Bowed. And never saw each other again.

I came away with multiple scratches, uncountable bruises and a bit, bloody lip.
And until those went away, I treasured their pain. This pain was a reminder of this night. All that bonded me with this woman. This… Magical creature of the night.

And they faded. Some quickly. Some slowly. But they faded.
And in the end… It was just memories.
And it’s now ten years later, and the memory remains.
The memory of connection, of closeness, of a shared moment.

It’s a blessing and a curse.
A blessing, because it was simply one of the brightest moments in my life.
A curse, because it’s damn hard to NOT compare any other moments to this one. Also… The identity of this mystery woman is something that won’t let go of me. I wonder… Always wonder.

With this, though…
Remember your magical moments.
Your dream nights.
Your magnificent days.

And smile. :)

Lindsey Stirling.

I apologize in advance, because what now follows will be a drop. A Lindsey Stirling drop. Because that woman has skills, because she can move, because she’s charismatic, because she’s a nerd and because she’s utterly beautiful besides all her talent to boot.

Peter Hollens also does very, very well here. He’s got a great voice with a nice range. The fact that I love Skyrim didn’t have as much to do with me liking this video as I thought it would… The locations is also amazing. Ms. Stirling tends to find exquisite, beautiful locations for her videos.

Even after more than ten years, the Lord of the Rings soundtrack still captivates me. It’s simply… Good. It’s beautiful. (I’m gonna use that word a few times today…)
And this medley gives it a fresh and really fitting overcoat. I really like it. And again with the amazing scenery. She can also sing. Which is… Truly nice.

One of the really cool things about this video? Well, let’s see how Ms. Sterling got there: “I had an opportunity to go to New Zealand so we filmed this while we were there. Kim Dotcom funded this whole trip and he not only provided for our travel but he treated us so kindly and he gave us full access to a helicopter. I don’t care what the media says about him, I consider him a friend.”

She’s also got original stuff, which is to say… Most of her videos are original. And they’re very, very good. They again mix stunning scenery with great cinematography and the almost painful mixture of musical skill and stunning cuteness.

What was that I said about great cinematography? Well, yes. Just look at the nice stuff here in “Shadows”. It’s nothing big, but it really fits the video and gives it that extra “oomph”. It’s also funny.

There’s also the fact that I love it when artists look like they’re also really enjoying themselves. And Ms. Sterling does that. … That smile… :)

I’ll end this drop with a cover, though.

Mostly because I want to show how NOT using autotuning and actually having some creative fun with the music can make music I loathe most of the time worthy of a listen.

If their version were the one that got radio airplay I wouldn’t turn the radio off every time that song came on.

This also nicely mirrors the development I see in the current PC gaming scene: Talented, driven, independent artists free from corporate oversight simply make BETTER art. It so deeply saddens me that most of them will never see the success and recognition they actually deserve. Because that would take away sales from the next Rebecca Black album. *vomits*

But, on a positive note?
That last video?
See those smiling and grinning people?
THAT’S what makes music, and art in general, truly great. When the artists are invested with their own energy and spirit.

Matt out.