Today: Something really new.

I was driving along the A2 tonight, when I heard a short snippet in a local radio show which showcased new music for a new year.

There they told me of 2:54. That’s the band’s name.
They were created by two sisters from Britain, they play late-80s influences post-punk/shoegaze, wear smeared mascara and black leather jackets and the band’s name is taken from a moment in a Melvin song that the two sisters found particularly striking and which happened at, three guesses and the first two don’t count, two minutes and fifty four seconds. The radio reporter than voiced something that I thought at that moment: “If that’s not nerdy, I don’t know what is.”

And, yes. It is.
It is exactly the kind of nerdy that I love and adore.
It’s also coupled with the kind of music I love and adore.

So when I got home I started googling “2 54”. Which… Took a while, to be honest.
That’s not exactly a term you can easily search. It almost reminded me when I first googled for the Vin Diesel movie “XXX”. THAT was a fun search. ;)

Anyway, I found them a little while later and simply purchased the EP. Sound unlistened.
And it was 3€ well spent.

So I will give you their first song.
And a link to their page.
And if you use iTunes, go and purchase their EP.
It’s just 3€ and it’s very much worth it. It’s good music. It’s new music. It’s fresh music. It’s charismatic music. And it’s music made with love and soul.

So, here you go.
Watch. Listen. Enjoy.

2:54 – Scarlet [Scarlet EP] | 2012 | Post-Punk/Shoegaze

And if you want to see what kind of music and style influences them, go their tumblr and listen to their posted music. If it makes you think of me… Well, that should tell you why I REALLY Like them. ;)

The song they are linking to as I’m writing this post?
“Depeche Mode – “Blue Dress” (violator LP Montage)”
And I can’t tell you how AWESOME that is.

You can also listen to their EP, for free, here:

Me, out!
You, have fun!
Good night!

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