Let’s praise something new! (… ish.)

2010 still counts as “new” though, doesn’t it?
I hope so. It definitely does so for me. Ultra-new, to be exact. Almost cutting edge!
*coughs* Right sorry. Please come back onto my lawn.

There’s this small, fun, British act out there, called “Lesbian Bed Death”.
I got their first album “I Use My Powers For Evil” back in ’06 and… Wasn’t impressed. It was a fun, little number with some high-points (“Goth Girls Are Easy” is a really fun little piece, for example, especially when you know how hard it is to actually get one… ;) ). But, well, nothing special.

A few weeks ago I saw that they had a second album out. And I hesitated. Then I scoured the internet and came upon their myspace page. And streamed a bit. And, well, what do you know. They’ve gotten better!

Tighter play, better vocals, better songwriting, more subtlety, more easter-eggs hidden in the songs.
While they strayed away from the pure Goth Rock formula into a more Goth-Punk/Gothabilly-Goth Rock fusion, it’s still hilariously old-school at times and an all around fun ride!

I’m starting to sound like Jeremy Clarkson. All that’s missing is a “… In THE WORLD!” put in here somewhere.

They’re fun. They’re small. They’re indie.
They’re shooting their own videos and those don’t suck! (Or, rather, many do as they deal with vampires, but… Yeah.)

For a small, non-signed band they are pretty damn great.
They also like to nod their heads to the things that helped shape Goth. One of the vids I’m posting today shows this in a huge way. But “No Tears Please” is a song about the wonderfully scary and horrifying demons summoned by a particular puzzle-box (Also, a pretty heavily cool one-liner in that song: “No tears please, it’s a waste of good suffering.” Exquisite!). They ALSO also still like their crude, punky humour. Which is why they have the songs “Sin When You’re Winning” and “Catholic Sex Kitten” on them. The “Sin” song could be Mötley Crüe material! If the crew wore black and liked patchouli, that is. Retrosexual is just a rude middle-finger in heavy-rock fashion.

I’m going to share two songs from their current album “Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead” [2010 | Goth… Fusion]

Both are quirky, funny, dark and have just the right kind of sex in them. And with that I mean style, looks, amount and mix of pure sex-appeal, humour, kinkiness and darkness. Also, one of the best stripteases ever. :) Let’s start with the one that drew my eye towards this album in the first place… [Oh! If your bandwidth permits it, go to youtube and watch them in 1080p. Sound and picture really are worth it.]

Bela Lugosi’s Back
One of the more old-school laden tracks. A pretty heavy nod to the roots of all this Goth business as well as to Bauhaus (and of course Bela Lugosi himself!). The movie frames used for this have been chosen really well. If Bela Lugosi was still alive today, I’d love him to play the Klingon antagonist in the next Star Trek reboot movie. [Yeeees… Heavy Nerd Tangent!] {The track LENGTH even could be a nod to Bauhaus… But that would surprise even me. Although… If it were so, it’d be pretty awesome.}

This one’s just fun. It’s a punky piece with a classic-goth-rock-erotic style video. As well as heavy allusion to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. And Twilight. And 90s/00s Slasher movies. What’s not to love? The lyrics make this a perfect good-mood driving song.

They look great in “Punk Mode”, too. :)

Lesbian Bed Death - Goth Punk Mode

As a slight P.S.
Here’s my rating of their album in iTunes. And I’m one of the few people left on this planet who actually takes his ratings seriously and rates accordingly. Not many albums score that high with me.

So, yeah. Get it. It’ll make you laugh, it will pump you up, it will make you want to dress up all gothed up with boots, tight corsets (if applicable) and black make-up.

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