Let’s kick myself in the ass.

Because I’m regretting not having instituted my insidious plan of cataloging each and every track I add here. So now I don’t know if I have used “Books from Boxes” already or not. Which sucks. And I’m too lazy to go look. So I pick another song, that’s also fitting with the current events.

No lyrics.
No intertwined history.
Just a great tune with loads and loads and loads of legacy.

And this is a tune EVERYBODY knows. Be it from their own experience or through cultural osmosis.

Hirokazu Tanaka – Korobeiniki/Tetris A [Tetirs GameBoy] | 1989 | Electronic

This is pretty damn fitting to what I’m doing now.

One thought on “Let’s kick myself in the ass.

  1. Hihi… ich kenn das Lied. *lacht* Ich liebe Tetris. Es war das einzigste Spiel was ich jemals hatte und das ich gerne gespielt habe.
    Und ich glaube nicht, dass du “Books from boxes” hier schon mal hattest. Es kommt mir sehr unbekannt vor… aber bei meinem Ged├Ąchtnis… ;)

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