Let’s sort through boxes.

Today was another day of unpacking and re-arranging and packing and sorting and sifting and wondering what the FUCK I have collected over the years.
And today was the day I started going through my musical collection. Ouch. I surprised myself with how many books I had sorted behind each other. Today I shocked myself with how many CDs I’d crammed up to three or sometimes even four rows deep into my shelves.

And there’s some great stuff in there. Collector’s Editions, Limited Editions, Erroneous Prints, even a unique print done only for myself by Autoagression before he got quasi-famous.

I think I truly have forgotten (and lost) more about music than some people ever knew. ;)

But, well, something else caught my eye.
A digi-pack single CD.
Of a cover version, even! An 80s cover. Done in 2000.
I even remember where I bought it and who was with me at the time, and how much fun we had with this song when it came out. Still do, as a matter of fact. :)

It was just another one of those nice, wonderful, resonating moments.
So I’ll share. :)

There’s nothing left to say but… Party on, people! [Oh, yeah, there is one thing: That were my teenage years. That look. That energy. That cuteness. :) ]

Guano Apes – Big in Japan [Don’t Give Me Names] | 2000 | Rock