Let’s wallow in some really great memories.

Heroes Del Silencio – Entre Dos Tieras [Senderos de traiciĆ³n] | 1990 | Rock

This track…
This piece of Spanish Rock…
Is a great, powerful, rocking piece of music.

I started to go dancing regularly in 2001. Ten years ago.
On the very first day, this song was played. It was eleven years old even then.
I danced to it almost monthly up until the club where I was a regular closed. Then it became a rarer occurrence, but even my new regular club played it from time to time. And enjoyed it every damn time!

The last two years have seen me go dancing much less than I’d prefer. So I haven’t really heard it that often.
I WILL change this the coming year. Starting this 25th of December with the Eisenlager’s X-Mas DM party.
Continuing the next year with visits to the Pulp and the ex-Saint.
I’ll still stay away from the Matrix. That club can rot in hell for all I care.

But this song… It’s twenty one years old now. And it still rocks. It still holds it power.
And it still brings back the memories of smoke-machines, red and blue lights, the smell of patchouli, cigarettes and bailey’s, and pictures of very attractive young women going wild with grins on their faces. As well as Vampires stalking the US East Coast in a battle against the Sabbat.

So… Rock! :)

Again, this is 80s music for me. Simply as it was released in May, 1990. Not much time for any 1990s cultural and musical influences to sink in.]