Let’s Party.

Dave Clarke feat. Chicks on Speed – What Was Her Name [What Was Her Name] | 2004 [Album:2003] | Dark Electro

Today’s song came out seven years ago, when I turned 21.
Which… Is not wholly true. Well, I DID turn 21. But the song actually came out the year before. Which I didn’t know. All I knew was the superb single with the even more superb Blackstrobe remix on it. (Which I will link to at the end of this post.)

I first learned about it on Onyx.tv, when it was still on the air. I think 2004 was the channels last year. So you got to see the exact same video that I watched, seven years earlier. And the day after I first saw it, I ran out and bought the damn single. The video uses the Radio Mix. Which is weird, as TV isn’t radio, but… Eh. I can overlook this. Mostly because the Radio version actually got airplay on 1Live at the time, which made me very happy. The album version is only about 67 seconds longer and gives some passages more time to breathe.

It’s Dave Clarke’s almost old-school Techno beats, Chicks on Speed on the vocal side and a smashing of Bauhaus thrown in for good measure. It’s dark, it’s pounding, it’s heavy, it’s intense. It’s also catchy as hell. Which might be due to the fact that “She’s in Parties” is one of Bauhaus’ catchier tunes (topped only by a few songs, “Of Lilies and Remains” being one example). Nevertheless, it’s a perfect party tune. Especially for those kind of parties that end up with a core of people in the hosts kitchen at around 02:00, talking, smoking, drinking coffee or hard drinks and laughing into the cold night through an open window, forgetting time and all the shit that lays hard on their shoulders the rest of the time.

That’s what 2004 became for me. I turned 21. I started University. I wish I had done it all in a more organized, thought-out way, but… Ah. The past’s the past. Unchangeable. Immutable. And I wouldn’t want to change all that much, either. The people I met, the friends I made, the experiences I now can call my own… They are special and dear to me. Those parties I just described… They are some of those special memories. Wonderful people, wonderful nights, long, tired drives on nightly Autobahns to excellent music. Good times. Good times. With change came the good.

And so it will do again, if I play my cards right.
Yesterday’s post was slightly cryptic, but I still had to process some things. This processing is now mostly done.

I got the keys to my new home.
I signed and counter-signed the contract in duplicate.
I paid the security deposit.
It’s… Mine. (Well, rented, but… You get the picture!)

So it was only fitting to play this song again.
To make you listen to it.

This song is my bell, ringing in a new chapter.
Giving me hope that 2012 will be a different year, filled with change and dynamism. Filled with good things. Filled with me turning things around again. Fuck knows I really want to!

So, yeah. What Was Her Name.
What WAS her name? I couldn’t tell you, to be honest. 2004-2005 were… Wild years. And I didn’t even drink… *g*

So, yeah.
Ring on that bell for me. I intend to change more than just my address in 2012.
And I will take this song to christen my new flat when it’s done.
I will also take it to exit this year and enter the new one. Even if I have to bludgeon a DJ to death for it. ;)

Oh! Yeah.
I mentioned the Blackstrobe Remix.
Here it is.
It’s longer, darker, heavier and has slightly more “bang”. It’s again one of those tracks I really miss hearing on the dancefloor. But, alas, T-Club, Blade and Saint are all gone now. *sniff*

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