Let’s hope that I didn’t get infected today.

But in any case, I’m sporting some stupid headaches again.
I’ll be going to sleep very soon, but I will leave you all with three European electro covers of slightly older US songs that didn’t leave a sour taste in my mouth after listening to them. You could even say that I enjoyed them all, when they got out. Liked them, even. For various reasons and in various circumstances. But as of now, they’re all “comfort songs” for me. The originals still have their very own and very special connotations, too.

Tiga & Zyntherius – Sunglasses at Night [Sunglasses at Night] | 2001 | Electro, Club

Yes. Yes you can re-style an 80s Wave cult-classic as modern electro (For various reasons of modern. It was modern in 2001, at the very least. ;) ) without destroying the core of the song OR without copying it all as closely as possible without any new input or interpretation. Corey Hart’s original has a widely divergent sense of self and invokes a very different mood. Yet they are not so different from each other as to be wholly unrelated. And I like both. I really do. But today’s cover day, so this gets posted.

Jan Wayne – Because The Night [Because The Night] | 2002 | (“Bangin'”) Trance

“How to destroy your musical creditability in three seconds or less…” ;)
But, really, I have to agree with the youtube poster who put this video online:

“Uh oh! A European dance version of the BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN version of ‘Because the Night’. – Hell yes.”

It’s just sublime. It’s not really baaad, it’s just slightly cheap. But, then, THERE’S NO FUCKING AUTOTUNING! And if you can look over the gratuitous over-use of techno-trumpets (What’s up with them, anyway?), the beat and upbeatness (Yes, that’s a word now, goddammit!) of this cover are quite good, really. It’s no Proust, but it sure as hell is enjoyable when you’re in the right mood. And it’s bound to raise your spirits, even if its in an ironic fashion. … You fucking hipster! ;)

Boogie Pimps – Somebody to Love [Somebody to Love] | 2003 | Prog House

If you don’t like this song, you’re a bad person!

Jefferson Airplane were all about them drugs. (Seriously… Listen to “White Rabbit” and don’t try to excuse everything with “It’s just about Alice!”, because, well, think about what the fuck Alice was about!)

Hunter S. Thompson was even more about all them damn drugs.

Putting Jefferson Airplane and inspirations from both the book and movie of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” together to produce a fun-filled, drug-loving, party-starting song was pure genius. It’s short and sweet and it’s all about the smiling and the dancing and the fun having. … And the drugs, obviously. But, hell, I’m of the opinion that more drugs would be good for the current crop of electro “artists”. Might inspire them to do something new and crazy again. Like, I don’t know, KICK THAT FUCKING AUTOTUNE HABIT! Gah. Hate that.

So, enjoy!
I sure did.
Those songs are a nice ride through the early 00’s and how it looked at older music and worked with newer styles. It’s also the shit I listened to at the parties at that time, besides all the Depeche Modes, Rammsteins and VNV Nations. *g*

One thought on “Let’s hope that I didn’t get infected today.

  1. Aaalso… Sunglasses at night kommt mir bekannt vor, nur anders.
    Mag ich aber nicht.
    Because the night: mag ich! Und zwar genau diese Version. Ich hab mir die von Bruce Springsteen angehört und… wahrscheinlich werde ich erschlagen wenn ich das sage, aber ich finde seine Version grauenvoll! Muss an mir liegen ;) Ich wurde mit einem Musikgeschmack geboren, der ganz klar wirsch ist?
    Um es noch “besser” zu machen: I’m a bad person.
    Ich mag das Lied nicht. Weder nach dem ersten Mal anhören, noch nach dem zweiten Mal. Ich könnte mich dazu überwinden zu sagen, dass das Lied ab 1:22 eher was ist. Hört aber ca. 3:14 schon wieder auf. Es ist nicht lange ein annehmbares Lied für mich. *sich versteckt*
    Jetzt hoffe ich, dass ich dir nicht deinen ganzen Post kaputt gemacht habe, aaaaber ich muss ja auch nicht alle Dinge gerne hören, die du gerne hast *knuddelt*

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