Let’s cry.

Today… The opening song to one of the saddest, most emotionally-brutal movies ever produced.

火垂るの墓 – Hotaruo no Haka.
Grave of the Fireflies.

The opening theme is a short, bittersweet composition. Doesn’t even touch the two minute mark.
But if you’ve seen the movie you just can’t help but… Think about it. And get really, freakishly sad.

This movie is based on a novel written by a survivor of the fire-bombing air strikes on Japan.
It’s a small story, about a brother and a sister and how war simply passes over them, destroys their life, throws them around, punches them around and keeps the rest of the populace so busy and afraid that nobody can (or wants to) spare any time caring and thinking about two lost, scared, lonely children.

It’s about hanging together through miserable conditions, about love and trust and bonding.

It’s a movie you watch if you ever feel the need to cry from the depth of your heart.

The entire premise of the World of Darkness is not as depressing as this movie.

And I still love it.
The way pictures and music work together to paint the atmosphere in late-war Japan, sometimes in concert, sometimes by building a stark contrast, is very well executed and manages to touch me emotionally, which few movies do.

As anybody who knows me will know, I do have a tiny, slight militant bend. But this is still one of my favourite war movies, even if it’s the most anti of all anti-war movies.

Highly recommended.

Michio Mamiya – Hotaru no Haka Main Theme [Hotaru no Haka OST] | 1988 | Classical Composition

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  1. Ooohhh… ich kenn den Film gar nicht! Aber ich glaube ich muss ihn jetzt wirklich mal schauen. Das Lied ruft schon etwas die Stimmung hervor, die du glaube ich meinst, weil du ja schon vorher einiges beschrieben hast. Sobald ich aber wieder besser drauf bin… wollen wir den zusammen anschauen? Hehe…

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