Let’s look at a Great Escape.

One of my most favourite movies of all times is “The Great Escape“.
It’s a movie that manages to be uplifting, humorous, dark, oppressive and depressing at the same time. Well, not at the SAME time. But during the same 172 minutes. (I love long movies, too.)

What really helped to make the movie snap together, though, was the soundtrack by the magnificent Elmer Bernstein. It’s about fifty years old now, and it’s still a memorable and well composed soundtrack.

Elmer Bernstein – The Great Escape Main Theme [Great Escape Soundtrack] | 1963 | Orchestral

This must be one of the most iconic pieces of movie music ever composed.
It’s catchy. It’s memorable. And it’s been used (and is STILL being used!) in all kinds of media after the movie came out.

I still hum it myself when I’m stuck at a place I don’t really want to be, and from time to time, someone looks up at me and grins and nods their head in appreciation. And in those moments I know that I’m looking at a kindred soul.

The way it was used in the movie is also very exceptional, as it was mixed into the external soundtrack as well as being used by the characters IN the movie as a method to enhance the mood of certain scenes… Very effective and very well executed. There are movies made decades after this one where this doesn’t work as well as it worked here.

If you didn’t already, I HIGHLY recommend seeing this movie.
If you did see it, see it again. You’ll be surprised how well it holds up.

I must also warn you.
This might be start of “War Movie Week”.

2 thoughts on “Let’s look at a Great Escape.

  1. Mh… ich kenn den Film nicht.
    Warum erinnert mich das an “Ein Käfig voller Helden”?
    Ähm… mit dem Lied kann ich auch nur wenig anfangen. Vielleicht weil ich jetzt nur noch die Serie im Kopf habe… *denkt*

    • Heh. Das erinnert dich an “Ein Käfig voller Helden”, weil die Serie stark von dem Film beeinflusst wurde (kam 1965 raus) UND weil das Thema des Films oft in etwas abgewandelter Form in der Serie auftauchte. Selbst das Lager in der Serie, StaLag 13, wurde an StaLag Luft III angelehnt, welches wirklich existierte und die Grundlage des Filmes/Buches war.

      The Great Escape war ein sehr realistischer Film der ziemlich düster endete. Hogan’s Heroes ist dahingegen eine sehr humoristische Annahme des Themas. Aber ohne den Film wäre diese Serie nicht gemacht worden. Der Film bot, sozusagen, den Funken der alles startete, gerade da er so erfolgreich war.

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