Let’s jump into the breach once more.

After a weekend filled with unwanted work and even less wanted headaches I really don’t have the patience or concentration to work on a long, packed Sunday post.

Instead I’ve decided to go back nine years, when Morrowind was released and Mr. Soule was given his first swing at supplying the musical backdrop for the series. And while there were problems and heavy limitations, you could already hear the mix of epicness and serenity which would set the basis for the next two games. And in a setting where exploring ancient ruins of multiple empires and races that have risen and fallen, living in an Empire that’s on the “falling” side itself… It’s very fitting.

It’s orchestral ambient and it’s the perfect thought-music to sit down and think about plots for Fantasy RPGs to.

Enjoy. Even while it’s short.

Jeremy Soule – Nerevar Rising (Morrowind Main Theme) [The Elder Scrolls III – Morrowind Soundtrack] | 2002 | Orchestral

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