Let’s keep things in-theme for this weekend.

To put it shortly, my day today sucks. I have no time to enjoy Skyrim as I have to go to work in the evening and the night through, and am now being kept busy by family-related work which I can’t push away even when I really, really, really want to. Quite aggravating, really.

But still.
At least I can keep up the Soule goodness here.

Oblivion is now five years old. And five years ago, this theme pushed me into exploring the probably least-populated Imperial capital this side from Arrakis.

Jeremy Soule – Oblivion Theme [The Elder Scrolls IV – Oblivion Soundtrack] | 2006 | Orchestral

For some reason, many people don’t seem to like Soule’s compositions, but I thoroughly enjoy them. They manage to summon this particular feeling of grand majesty that once was and of a world trying to hold on to its former glory. When you wander around in Cyrodill you can’t help walking past a field of grass with a lake running besides it, with the mountains to the North and the capital city somewhere on the horizon. No person in sight. It’s just you and a grand vista. And the music always fit. Even when then some wolf jumps out of the woodwork and starts biting your face off. The battle music also helped create some tension.

Many people consider Oblivion to be boring. For me it’s still one of my most favourite games, especially because the pace isn’t always set to 120%. And because you can tell the plot to bite you, if you so desire. I’ve played countless hours of it. I think I never “finished” it. And I still had great fun.

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