Let’s talk about Trains.

This is because of three separate events.
Number one being me having once seen one of the first two AMV Hell mega-videos.
Number two being me re-discovering the Serial Experiment Lain soundtrack a few days ago.
Number three being me experiencing another train being late because of some jacked up asshole jumping on the tracks.

Honestly, I don’t care how shitty your life is, there are methods of killing yourself that don’t inconvenience others and are equally painless, if not even more so. By jumping in front of a train you not only emotionally damage the innocent train-pilot, you also damage equipment and disrupt routes that are important for quite a large number of people. People who perhaps miss out on important dates, work or their own emotional and psychological support. Who knows how many more persons you make feel worse with that? … It’s fucking rude is what it is. So, if you ever plan on killing yourself, do this away from other people. Don’t drag your family, friends or any innocents into this for fuck’s sake.

Having said that… Yeah.
Music time.

Serial Experiments Lain.
Exquisite anime, exquisite soundtrack.

And from this, you today get the title track. (Not the series’ opening, but the title track of the soundtrack.)

Nakaido “Chabo” Reichi – Lain’s Theme [Serial Experiments Lain OST] | 1998 | Rock

If you can, go and watch the series itself.
It’s quite honestly very, very good.
And dark. And wonderfully twisted.

Here’s the blurb without too many spoilers.

“Serial Experiments Lain describes “the Wired” as the sum of human communication networks, created with the telegraph and telephone services, and expanded with the Internet and subsequent networks. The anime assumes that the Wired could be linked to a system that enables unconscious communication between people and machines without physical interface. The storyline introduces such a system with the Schumann resonance, a property of the Earth’s magnetic field that theoretically allows for unhindered long distance communications. If such a link was created, the network would become equivalent to Reality as the general consensus of all perceptions and knowledge. The thin line between what is real and what is possible would then begin to blur.” – Wikipedia

It’s a good watch to get into the right mood for any kind of activity which requires to bend your perception of “what is…”.
For me, that’s mostly playing Mage:the Ascension. For which Lain is a very great Anime. Not for the whole game, but for certain parts which you then could make a core part of your game.

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