Let’s look back.

It was not long ago that I posted about In Flames’ “Only for the Weak” and how important it was for me. And now I just listened to In Flames’ new EP “8 Songs” and… It is on there, as a live version. So, they remember it too, after all those years, and feel that it’s significant enough to put on a current release. This… Makes me happy. :)

So, let’s look back the short span of four years.
When I first learned of Volbeat. The magnificient Danish bastards. :)

Volbeat – Sad Man’s Tongue [Rock the Rebel / Metal the Devil] | 2007 | Rock Metal

[expand title=”Lyrics”]Well my mama told me: Son you better watch out
All those nasty women gonna rip you dime for dime
But I got my pocket full of real tales, and a broken guitar mode (guitar mode)
And the story keep on rollin’, out from a sad man’s tongue


Left my mama and papa’s nest
I got the rebel fever rambling my bones
Papa said: my boy, take my Johnny Cash vinyls and go
Well I got my pocket full of real tales, and a broken guitar mode (guitar mode)
And the story keep on rollin’, out from a sad man’s tongue



Strollin’ down the highway with uncle sam roaring: rebel kid get your ass home
Your ass belongs to me
Leave your Johnny Cash songs and get home
But I got my pocket full of real tales, and a broken guitar mode (guitar mode)
And the story keep on rollin’, out from a sad man’s tongue

Singing in cell
No way should I wear guns, I’m sitting my time



Left with plenty Rock’n’Roll songs painting the road
Education sucks, so I sing my song for you
And I got my pocket full of real tales
And a broken guitar mode (guitar mode)
And the story keep on rollin’, out from a sad man’s tongue

This song… Has it all! IS all!
Power, Strength, Soul, Elvis, Country, Rock, Metal, Drive, Upbeat…

It’s a good, proper, uplifting song that’s good for driving, working out, running, having fun and dancing.

The video also rocks, due to blending some nice styles visually and artistically. :) (And the dancing gothy/rockabilly girl they show those short flashes of? Seeeexy!)

Four years ago, I heard that song for the very first time, when I was out dancing in the (now defunct… *sigh*) Saint Oberhausen. I just HAD to get the CD afterwards. And now? Still don’t regret it. Still one of the best musical purchases of the 00s. When I feel down, this song can pick me up. When I need energy, this song provides. When I need to pick up the beat while dancing… This song lends a helping hand.

It’s also forever intertwined with a dear friend of mine I met a year later. So, Bonus!

I wish you all a good night and hope that you will have some fun with tonight’s song. :)

Let’s Party.

Dave Clarke feat. Chicks on Speed – What Was Her Name [What Was Her Name] | 2004 [Album:2003] | Dark Electro

Today’s song came out seven years ago, when I turned 21.
Which… Is not wholly true. Well, I DID turn 21. But the song actually came out the year before. Which I didn’t know. All I knew was the superb single with the even more superb Blackstrobe remix on it. (Which I will link to at the end of this post.)

I first learned about it on Onyx.tv, when it was still on the air. I think 2004 was the channels last year. So you got to see the exact same video that I watched, seven years earlier. And the day after I first saw it, I ran out and bought the damn single. The video uses the Radio Mix. Which is weird, as TV isn’t radio, but… Eh. I can overlook this. Mostly because the Radio version actually got airplay on 1Live at the time, which made me very happy. The album version is only about 67 seconds longer and gives some passages more time to breathe.

It’s Dave Clarke’s almost old-school Techno beats, Chicks on Speed on the vocal side and a smashing of Bauhaus thrown in for good measure. It’s dark, it’s pounding, it’s heavy, it’s intense. It’s also catchy as hell. Which might be due to the fact that “She’s in Parties” is one of Bauhaus’ catchier tunes (topped only by a few songs, “Of Lilies and Remains” being one example). Nevertheless, it’s a perfect party tune. Especially for those kind of parties that end up with a core of people in the hosts kitchen at around 02:00, talking, smoking, drinking coffee or hard drinks and laughing into the cold night through an open window, forgetting time and all the shit that lays hard on their shoulders the rest of the time.

That’s what 2004 became for me. I turned 21. I started University. I wish I had done it all in a more organized, thought-out way, but… Ah. The past’s the past. Unchangeable. Immutable. And I wouldn’t want to change all that much, either. The people I met, the friends I made, the experiences I now can call my own… They are special and dear to me. Those parties I just described… They are some of those special memories. Wonderful people, wonderful nights, long, tired drives on nightly Autobahns to excellent music. Good times. Good times. With change came the good.

And so it will do again, if I play my cards right.
Yesterday’s post was slightly cryptic, but I still had to process some things. This processing is now mostly done.

I got the keys to my new home.
I signed and counter-signed the contract in duplicate.
I paid the security deposit.
It’s… Mine. (Well, rented, but… You get the picture!)

So it was only fitting to play this song again.
To make you listen to it.

This song is my bell, ringing in a new chapter.
Giving me hope that 2012 will be a different year, filled with change and dynamism. Filled with good things. Filled with me turning things around again. Fuck knows I really want to!

So, yeah. What Was Her Name.
What WAS her name? I couldn’t tell you, to be honest. 2004-2005 were… Wild years. And I didn’t even drink… *g*

So, yeah.
Ring on that bell for me. I intend to change more than just my address in 2012.
And I will take this song to christen my new flat when it’s done.
I will also take it to exit this year and enter the new one. Even if I have to bludgeon a DJ to death for it. ;)

Oh! Yeah.
I mentioned the Blackstrobe Remix.
Here it is.
It’s longer, darker, heavier and has slightly more “bang”. It’s again one of those tracks I really miss hearing on the dancefloor. But, alas, T-Club, Blade and Saint are all gone now. *sniff*

Let’s cut it very close today.

I had planned to post earlier.
Much earlier.
But then… Things got in the way.
So now I’ve lost the idea I had for today, and have to utterly improvise to get it all done before midnight.

So I turned to the ancient and hallowed trick of DJs all over the world whenever they have to come up with something: Put on a long track to give yourself some time to think.
Yes. I needed a few mintues to realize that this works better when you actually have the TIME to let some music give you the time to think of something else. When you’re PRESSED for time, you should put on short tracks. … Nevertheless, it worked. Mostly because Winamp’s “Random” function still loves me very much.

So I can present you yet another Batcave masterpiece.

Sex Gang Children – Mauritia Mayer [Mauritia Mayer/Children’s Prayer] | 1983 | Goth Rock / Batcave

This is the long version. Almost ten minutes.
It’s got time to… Breathe.

And it’s absolutely perfect to dance to.
And, for some weird reason, it’s also absolutely perfect to relax to.

It’s neither too fast nor too slow to detract from either option.

And it’s very, very, deeply goth.
In a damn good way.

For some reason, there are no damn lyrics to this song online.
And as to the obscure title of the song: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=11305

This is one of the most weirdly themed songs in my collection. Of not THE most weirdly themed one. … And that’s pretty fucking hard. (It might also be because I consider topics other (most) people see as “weird” to be bordering on the mundane and boring.)

Let’s invoke Protocol Fifteen, part 1.

Yeah, this might just become a series, as three things coincided today:
1) I like the number fifteen.
2) Today I stumbled upon Therion’s “Theli”.
3) It was released fifteen years ago.

Never to be someone to not grasp a chance by its horns, I will now tell you about how much Therion influenced me musically and personally.

Not at all.

Okay, yeah, I will have to expand on this one, won’t I?

In the late 90s, I was heavily into all forms of Metal. Symphonic, Death, Speed, Thrash… Name it, I liked it. Listened to it. But it seems that I utterly missed Therion. When I went out to parties, nobody played them. When I went to buy new CDs, their tray was empty. When I watched music TV, I missed the days when their videos were aired. And so on and so forth. I first learned of them about… Two years ago, I think. Or rather: I first LISTENED to them two years ago. I KNEW about them all the time. Read about them, saw them going on tour and saw other bands talk about them. But for some weird reason, they always stayed under my radar. But Nightwish and Within Temptation didn’t. Which is weird as fuck, as both bands probably wouldn’t exist without all the groundwork done by Therion.

Just look at the dates: Therion culminated their symphonic style in 1996. They started working on it years before, in their earlier albums. And they found their apex in 1996.
1997 saw the first releases of Nightwish and Within Tempation. Two bands who would go on to eclipse Therion in almost any measurable way.

And as I’m always someone that wants to make people aware of the roots of things they enjoy… I simply had to feat myself on Therion.
And I enjoyed it. So, two years ago I first listened to Theli. Today, I listened to it by chance. Fifteen years after it was released.

So, for some of you… You will listen to them for the first time. See what symphonic metal was like when it all started, before it was “the thing to do/be”. For the rest: Have fun thinking about how you first got to know Therion. What you connect with them, their music and their shows.

Both groups: Enjoy.

(I even found the offical video. Back when that shit was common even for smaller Metal bands. … FUCK DO I MISS THE 90s!)

[expand title=”Lyrics”]Powers of Thagirion
Watch the Great Beast to be
For To Mega Therion
The Draconian melody
The Dragon open the eye
And reveal both truth and lie
Spiritual supremacy

Ride the Beast of ecstasy
Spiritual supremacy
Ride the Beast of ecstasy

Ialbaophs creative spark
Manifests the utmost dark
Ialbaophs creative spark

Meaning of the letter Theth
Hide the force of Baphomet
Meaning of the letter Theth

The wound of Baal will be healed
When sign of time is unsealed
The wound of Baal will be healed

The world will burn by Soraths flame
And through the solar sign proclaim

Ascending fiend of the sea
Will fulfill prophecy
Man will feel the wrath of Beast
When fenris wolf is released
The Dragon open the eye
Reveal both truth and lie
Spiritual supremacy

The end of revelation
A soulful violation
The end of revelation

Bear the mark of victory
And the spear of destiny
Bear the mark of victory

Powers of Thagirion
For To Mega Therion
Powers of Thagirion

Watch the Great Beast to be
The Draconian melody
Watch the Great Beast to be

The world will burn by Soraths flame
And through the solar sign proclaim

Powers of Thagirion
Is the Great Beast to be
The To Mega Therion

Powers of Thagirion
For To Mega Therion
Powers of Thagirion

Watch the Great Beast to be
The Draconian melody
Watch the Great Beast to be

Meaning of the letter Theth
Hide the force of Baphomet
Meaning of the letter Theth

The wound of Baal will be healed
When sign of time is unsealed
The wound of Baal will be healed

The world will burn by Soraths flame
And through the solar sign proclaim[/expand]

Therion – To Mega Therion [Theli] | 1996 | Symphonic Metal

The dark beauty and sheer power of this song still strike my chords just the right way.
Man. It’s good. Really, really good.

Let’s hope that I didn’t get infected today.

But in any case, I’m sporting some stupid headaches again.
I’ll be going to sleep very soon, but I will leave you all with three European electro covers of slightly older US songs that didn’t leave a sour taste in my mouth after listening to them. You could even say that I enjoyed them all, when they got out. Liked them, even. For various reasons and in various circumstances. But as of now, they’re all “comfort songs” for me. The originals still have their very own and very special connotations, too.

Tiga & Zyntherius – Sunglasses at Night [Sunglasses at Night] | 2001 | Electro, Club

Yes. Yes you can re-style an 80s Wave cult-classic as modern electro (For various reasons of modern. It was modern in 2001, at the very least. ;) ) without destroying the core of the song OR without copying it all as closely as possible without any new input or interpretation. Corey Hart’s original has a widely divergent sense of self and invokes a very different mood. Yet they are not so different from each other as to be wholly unrelated. And I like both. I really do. But today’s cover day, so this gets posted.

Jan Wayne – Because The Night [Because The Night] | 2002 | (“Bangin'”) Trance

“How to destroy your musical creditability in three seconds or less…” ;)
But, really, I have to agree with the youtube poster who put this video online:

“Uh oh! A European dance version of the BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN version of ‘Because the Night’. – Hell yes.”

It’s just sublime. It’s not really baaad, it’s just slightly cheap. But, then, THERE’S NO FUCKING AUTOTUNING! And if you can look over the gratuitous over-use of techno-trumpets (What’s up with them, anyway?), the beat and upbeatness (Yes, that’s a word now, goddammit!) of this cover are quite good, really. It’s no Proust, but it sure as hell is enjoyable when you’re in the right mood. And it’s bound to raise your spirits, even if its in an ironic fashion. … You fucking hipster! ;)

Boogie Pimps – Somebody to Love [Somebody to Love] | 2003 | Prog House

If you don’t like this song, you’re a bad person!

Jefferson Airplane were all about them drugs. (Seriously… Listen to “White Rabbit” and don’t try to excuse everything with “It’s just about Alice!”, because, well, think about what the fuck Alice was about!)

Hunter S. Thompson was even more about all them damn drugs.

Putting Jefferson Airplane and inspirations from both the book and movie of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” together to produce a fun-filled, drug-loving, party-starting song was pure genius. It’s short and sweet and it’s all about the smiling and the dancing and the fun having. … And the drugs, obviously. But, hell, I’m of the opinion that more drugs would be good for the current crop of electro “artists”. Might inspire them to do something new and crazy again. Like, I don’t know, KICK THAT FUCKING AUTOTUNE HABIT! Gah. Hate that.

So, enjoy!
I sure did.
Those songs are a nice ride through the early 00’s and how it looked at older music and worked with newer styles. It’s also the shit I listened to at the parties at that time, besides all the Depeche Modes, Rammsteins and VNV Nations. *g*

Let’s hope these days end soon.

Stress all abound, yeah!
I think if January actually should bring some peace and quiet… That I’ll have Rottenburg-syndrome all over again. Feeling nervous and harried because stress is actively lacking and I can’t hear its dreadful buzz all around me.

Thinking about this made me think about Rottenburg. Which made me think about 2004. Which made me think about music I listened to back then. Which then led to this song:

In Strict Confidence – Industrial Love (VNV Nation Remix) [Industrial Love / Prediction] | 1998 | Industrial Synth

[Lyrics not available online for this particular remix]

This song…
Is a secret favourite of mine.
This particular remix is something I listen to pretty much every year since 1998. But in 2002-2006 I listened to it more than the other years, mostly because of the people I hanged with, the clubs I went to, the emotions I experienced and the situations I was put through. It holds a special significance for me personally. I love it dearly.

It’s also a perfect blend of German coldness and Industrial (both the musical and the look/style/economic senses) romance. It’s a song that best describes the area I live in for me. When I think Rhine-Ruhr, I think of this song. I think of Essen at night, driving along it’s blue-lit streets, under bridges, besides high-rise buildings with heli-pads on top, parking in desolate spaces to visit established sub-culture bars, clubs, stores and friends. It’s the Ruhrpott for me.