Let’s Honour Something Great Today.

40 years ago some mad Brits released an album that was destined to later blow me the fuck away with it’s concentrated glory and power.
The mad Brits were Jethro Tull. The album was Aqualung. 1971. Not on this day, no. But the remastered release was just around the corner, which I want to showcase, as it’s a great way to get into Jethro Tull. Finding their records started getting harder and harder…

Progressive Rock, Folkish Touches and Instruments, and Surreal as well as Profound lyrics.
It’s hard to find one song that exemplifies all of these features. So I went for one that has all of them apart from the profound lyrics. It has a profound meaning/vision instead.
Enjoy a song that was written in response to Ian Anderson seeing quite a few paintings.

Jethro Tull – Mother Goose [Aqualung] | 1971 | Progressive Rock

[expand title=”Lyric”]
As I did walk by Hampstead Fair
I came upon Mother Goose — so I turned her loose — she was screaming.
And a foreign student said to me — was it really true there are elephants and lions too
in Piccadilly Circus?

Walked down by the bathing pond to try and catch some sun.
Saw at least a hundred schoolgirls sobbing into handkerchiefs as one.
I don’t believe they knew…
I was a schoolboy.

And a bearded lady said to me —
if you start your raving and your misbehaving —
you’ll be sorry.
Then the chicken-fancier came to play —
with his long red beard (and his sister’s weird:
she drives a lorry).

Laughed down by the putting green —
I popped `em in their holes.
Four and twenty labourers were labouring —
digging up their gold.
I don’t believe they knew
that I was Long John Silver.

Saw Johnny Scarecrow make his rounds
in his jet-black mac (which he won’t give back) —
stole it from a snow man. [/expand]

This song showcases many of Tull’s strong suits.
It’s missing some of the Ooomph and sheer power of other songs, but it gives you a good approximation of the groups capabilities.

There’s nothing like listening to a custom playlist of Jethro Tull songs while enjoying fresh air and sun.

I would have loved to do so today, but I was stuck at work for something slightly above 8.5 hours.
So I will instead push some Tull onto my iPad and go to sleep with them later.

And you all… Listen to some Jethro Tull. They have some amazing songs.

In fact…
I’ll give you another favourite of mine.
An all-time, all-around favourite, actually.

Jethro Tull – Hunting Girl [Songs From The Wood] | 1977 | Progressive Rock

[expand title=”Lyrics”]One day I walked the road and crossed a field
to go by where the hounds ran hard.
And on the master raced: behind the hunters chased
to where the path was barred.
One fine young lady’s horse refused the fence to clear.
I unlocked the gate but she did wait until the pack had disappeared.

Crop handle carved in bone;
sat high upon a throne of finest English leather.
The queen of all the pack,
this joker raised his hat and talked about the weather.
All should be warned about this high born Hunting Girl.
She took this simple man’s downfall in hand;
[ From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/j/jethro-tull-lyrics/hunting-girl-lyrics.html ]
I raised the flag that she unfurled.

Boot leather flashing and spurnecks the size of my thumb.
This highborn hunter had tastes as strange as they come.
Unbridled passion: I took the bit in my teeth.
Her standing over — me on my knees underneath.

My lady, be discrete.
I must get to my feet and go back to the farm.
Whilst I appreciate you are no deviate,
I might come to some harm.
I’m not inclined to acts refined, if that’s how it goes.
Oh, high born Hunting Girl,
I’m just a normal low born so and so.[/expand]

I’m no sub, but that’s the kind of woman that I like being hunted by. :)
It’s also a great song that combines their power and energy with folkish elements.
Still loving it.