Let’s Hallo that Ween!

… Yes, you may commence the beating now.

Anyway, I made a pumpkin lantern today. A nerdy one. :)

And as it’s the eve of Halloween (You see what I did there?), I think there’s only one song I can let you listen to today. An honest Prog Rock classic that has lodged itself into the minds of pretty much everyone who lived through the 70s and 80s (and 90s too, I think).

Yes, BOTH videos are one song. It’s Prog Rock, what did you expect? ;)
I chose the Montreux ’81 performance because it’s filled with energy and sounds really, really good.
Not as good as the CD, though. So get it! You won’t regret it. :)

Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells 1 [Tubular Bells] | 1973 | Progressive Rock

This song is simply wonderful. The bass-line, the melody, the rhythm… The absolutely chilled-out, relaxed start, the vocal interlude and then the launch into the first heavier section. Sublime. Almost perfect. And grandiose without seeming like a pastiche of pathos and fake grandeur. It simply evolves into something greater, more energetic.

It also is a song that helps me get better. The atmosphere it fosters is one of calm AND positive energy. It’s perfect to relax and feel good to it. :)

I’m also one of the few people who, through my parents, heard the whole Tubular Bells album waaaay before I was made aware of “The Exorcist”. So the movie is not on my mind when I listen to it, which is a blessing, to be honest. As much as I can respect that movie, I don’t particularly like it. And I am kind of baffled why the producers thought that this would make a good sound for a Horror movie. It has so many positive and relaxing overtones for me, that I simply can’t get over the dissonance.

But still, for many people it also is a great horror-movie song.

In any way, I hope that you enjoy.
Let yourself be scared or let yourself be uplifted. Your choice!

One thought on “Let’s Hallo that Ween!

  1. Oh, ich kenn das Lied von Mike oldfield, aber das erste gefällt mir besser. Ich mag es. Jetzt weiß ich wieder mal ein Titel von nem Lied, dass ich kenne… ;)
    Wie gut, dass ich den Film nicht kenne… *g* Dadurch bringe ich wenigstens nichts gruseliges damit in Verbindung und es ist schön hell.
    Und: schöner Kurbis! Ich bin eher fürs aushöhlen und matschiges Zeugs raus holen… ;)

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