Let’s pump some re-fired old school in here.

Old School EBM that is.

Today I had the great pleasure to listen to Pankow’s re-release of “Kunst und Wahnsinn” today.
The original is a track that I first listened to on a “EBM Club Hits” compilation many, many years ago. And it was great then. The new one is still great, and it’s a great track to start a pumping Saturday night. If I could go out tonight, I would try to get into a club that’s playing that track. But I can’t, so I shan’t. ;)

BUT I want you to listen to it. To feel it. To be energized by it.
Even if it’s not normally your kind of music, just let it go for those seven minutes. Just let it happen. And let it happen loud!

Pankow – Kunst und Wahnsinn

[expand title=”Lyrics”]Ich hasse euch, so sehr ich kann
Ihr seid ja alles nur gesunde Schweine

Keine ist mehr Krank
Keine mir mehr leiden
Ich hasse euch so sehr
Ich hasse euch zu Tode

Ich bin ja verrĂ¼ckt verliebt und krank
Krankheit macht Frei

Ich atme Kunst, fresse Wahnsinn
Kunst und Wahnsinn[/expand]

Pankow – Kunst und Wahnsinn [Kunst und Wahnsinn] | 2011 (Original release: 1988) | EBM

This is one of those down-tempo songs that still pack a punch.
So, let your inner Malkavian out tonight!

It’s one of the first EBM songs I’ve ever danced to. So it holds a special place in my heart. It’s also one of those songs that pushed me through my time in University without snapping at some stressful moments. It’s really good to listen to on hot summer afternoons.