Let’s go back ten years to the day.

[expand title=”Lyrics”]Wo kommen all die grauen Wolken her?
Ich schau nach draußen auf den Tag,
Es regnet und ich kann nicht mehr.

Wo ist der blaue Himmel hin?
Ich weiß nicht, warum ich lebe,
Nur, daß ich am Leben bin.

Dann steh ich auf und gehe unter Menschen.
Und frage mich, was kann ich tun?

Ich will sie hassen Und kanns nicht lassen,
In allem, was sie ausmacht, auch ein Stück von mir zu sehen.

Wo kommen all die grauen Wolken her?

Die ganze Welt dreht sich im Kreis,
Ich seh mich um und will nicht mehr.

Wo ist die rote Sonne hin?

Arbeit, Fernsehen, Schlafengehen,
So macht das Leben keinen Sinn.

Dann steh ich auf und gehe unter Menschen.
Und frage mich, was soll ich tun?

Ich kanns nicht fassen,
Sie könnens nicht lassen.
Nur ihre eignen Leben, immer nur sich selbst zu sehen.

Wo kommen all die grauen Wolken her?

Ich schau nach draußen auf den Tag,
Es regnet, und ich kann nicht mehr.
Ich weiß nicht woher, weiß nicht wohin.

Ich weiß nicht, warum ich lebe,
Nur, dass ich am Leben bin.[/expand]

Blumfeld – Graue Wolken [Testament der Angst] | 2001 | Indie Rock

This is a very special song to me. I connect it with two persons that were very close to me pretty much ten years ago. I bought the album when it came out, ten years ago. I listened to it (both the song, and the album) nearly daily, ten years ago. It was my autumns soundtrack, ten years ago.

I had just entered 11th grade. I was in the process of getting my driver’s license. I was still finding myself. Well, more than I am now, at least – I hope I never stop.

And I was very, very deeply into Mage: the Ascension then. Those were our heydays. One of my friends was as deep inside Mage as I was. We often met to talk about Mage and music and life and women and everything our fancies would throw us. We had some wine and music for those talks. The smells of Nag Champa and Patchouli were thick, then. And we’d prefer candles. Sometimes we’d just sit there, for minutes, sipping wine, looking into flames and listening to music.

Very often it was ambient and goth stuff. But sometimes we mixed something else in, too. And Blumfeld, along with their contemporeries Tocotronic and Sterne, were a guest-band we’d always love to put on. Their mixture of thought-provoking, melancholic, angry and at time soul-crushing sound and lyrics was exactly what put is into the right mood to talk about a game where it’s all about hope, change, the soul-crushing banality of a grey, corporate society and how hubris and personal power can lead to terrible, if well-intentioned, decisions and consequences.

They also fit very well with the World of Darkness as a whole. While our world can be bleak, it’s still got its hopeful, good parts. For the World of Darkness, we’d take Blumfeld’s songs and make them the /hopeful/ default. Most of the time, people have it worse. And because of that, each tiny scrap of change for the better is harder to accomplish AND worth inherently more.

Also, taken by itself…
Taking “Testament der Angst” and listening to it by yourself, in a dimly lit room and an open window and some Whiskey or Wine or Gin…
*shudders* Your mind will go places it seldomly goes. … And not all of them will be bad.
I have many wonderful memories and experiences conjured by the songs on this album. All contrasting the subject of the individual songs. Yes, I have plenty of those experiences, too. But I also had, and continue to have, the good ones.

Ten years ago, they wrote beautiful, dark, angry songs. And ten years later, they still sound perfectly great. I also highly recommend “Die Diktatur der Angepassten”, which was another perfect WoD song.

[Also, as a short addendum: The pupils in this music video? That’s how we looked back then. That’s me and my friends and my enemies and nearly all my acquaintances ten years before now. I was two years above the people in this video, but those two years didn’t mean that much of a difference.]