Let’s make this a quick one because of goddamn Vodafone.

They killed three tries to post something, corrupted them before wordpress could back them up.
I’m not happy.

Until they manage to get their act in order (there will be angry telephone calls tomorrow), I’ll post short posts and try to retain my thoughts offline to add later.

Today should have been about German Medieval Rock music. In Extremo, Corvus Corax and Svbway to Sally, to be exact. As they were instrumental in making this sub-genre explode in the 2000’s.
It was barely visible style even in the “related” sub-cultural fields during the 1990s. It was there, there were influential bands since the 1960s(!), yes! I know. But look at 2001-2005. Look at Faun, Omnia, Tanzwut, Schandmaul, Helium Vola and the explosion of the popularity of Medieval Rock/Medieval Metal in goth (and even some mainstream) clubs during those times. The three bands I mentioned made that possible in Germany. Especially during the late-90s, the all released highly influential and still highly-acclaimed albums (STS: “Foppt den Dämon”, IEX: “Verehrt und Angespien”, CC: “Viator”).

And to be honest… I don’t know what brought this change. Although I kinda think that the Lord Of The Rings starting to come out in 2001 helped, too. (I remember quite a few people running around in “Elfen haben doofe Ohren!” and “Legolas” T-Shirts while out clubbing from 2001 onward.)

Enjoy something from In Extremo, until I get Vodafone/Arcor to get their shit together.

It’s called “Galgen”, and is a German hard-rocking cover of a song that was already covered during the glorious 60s/70s (1970) by Led Zeppelin, then called “Gallows Pole” and found on their album “III”.

Later, folks!