Let’s stop delaying.

I should have written this piece an hour ago.
Somehow, the juices didn’t want to flow.
It’s the change from summer to deep-autumn. Still nagging at me. Distracting me.
The smells bring back floods of memories that are running interference with my musical memories.
Until I found an epic cross-over.

So, here, enjoy some Death in June

“When out of men’s hearts all hate has gone; It’s better to die than forever live on.”

Death in June – Little Black Angel [But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?] | 1992 | Neo-Folk

“Asleep in; The stumble of autumn; The pain was calvary”

Death in June – Luther’s Army [Rose Clouds of Holocaust] | 1995 | Neo-Folk

And, even if it’s cheating, but it’s Sunday and I gave you two 90s songs already… My most epicly-fitting and hauntingly beautiful Autumn Song:

“To die now would be perfection | Then my lonliness closes in; So, I drink a German wine | And drift in dreams of other lives; And greater times”

Death in June – Runes and Men [Brown Book] | 1987 | Neo-Folk

Neo-Folk is, without a doubt, the most perfectly fitting autumn music you will ever find.
The somberness, the melancholic arrangements and the use of instruments most people will be able to associate with good friends, great company and a beautiful time shared with drink and fire under a rising moon.

And it hit its major point of rising fame in the 90s. During the mid-to-late 90s Neo-Folk started to be everywhere. It started to become visible outside its own circles. To draw other people into its mesmerizing web of mythology, sociology and soft-tuned violence.

Sadly enough, it’s also one of the most dangerous forms of music out there. Sifting through the wide range of artists and acts to find the bad apples is a taxing task, but one I couldn’t do without. No matter how much I live music, I’d never support fascist/Nazi oriented acts. And it’s a sad truth that many right-wing Neo-Folk artists are intelligent enough to hide behind a veneer of “It’s art!” and subtlety and misdirection to spout their harmful drivel. And even the “safe” acts sometimes go a bit too far whilst playing with fire/Nazi ideology.

But, still.
Death in June. Douglas Pearce.
Great man, great act, great songs.

Those three songs… They can make every autumn night a perfect night. Try to play them on a CD player with any other pieces of electronics turned off. Let just this music, your dearest friends and the sounds of the autumnal city reach you. Have good drink and good food nearby. And just let the night flow without constraints…