Let’s make this a quick one!

Shit, I have to be at work in not too long a time and I still also need to update this blog.
So I get to pick something really quick and short.

Jeehun Hwang – Freedom Fight [Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries OST] | 1996 | Rock

From time to time I still play this game. And all three Mechwarrior 2 games (Wolf vs. Falcon, Ghost Bear’s Legacy and Mercenaries) had awesome, action-packed, ass-kicking soundtracks that also held some sombre songs in them. But if you wanted some action? Those soundtracks had it.

Combine this with being at the controls of a damaged Mauler, waiting for you Heat Sinks to finally get your heat low enough that you can get one last, final shot out of your flickering PPCs at that lumbering Dire Wolf that’s dragging a leg and is lining up it’s LBX-20 at your cockpit, while the rest of your lance is having a pitched fight against the Star Captain’s remaining Omnis. All that on a sand-blasted world where you can barely make out some buildings of an embattled city on the horizon.

I still love Battletech. I still love those old games, even as the graphics haven’t aged well at all.

They still put me in a nice mood.
They still manage to tell a good story with minimal means of story-telling. (And are superior than many of today’s AAA titles, but that’s a topic for another blog entirely…)

They still pack some of the best soundtracks Video Games ever held to their name.

So, enjoy.
And blast some armour off of some unluncky Jenner.