Let’s start Autumn properly.

Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Variation) [Clubbed to Death] | 1995 | Electronic Beats

You all know it. You all love it.
And you all probably only learned about it on a nice autumn’s night in 1999 when you went to the cinema with some friends.

Yes. Clubbed to Death’s Kurayamino Variation is the best known mix of this song. But it’s also one of the best ones, too. Which is not always the same.

It’s a near-perfect synthesis of a classical theme with modern music. And, because of this… It still sounds modern. Current. As if it was made, produced and released yesterday.

And today, with a torrentous rain and harsh winds and falling leafs… It’s perfect.
I always put this song on when walking on cold and rainy days. It’s epic. It’s Mage-like. It reminds me of some of the best RPG sessions I ever had. Also, of some of the best mettings-with-friends I ever had.

Don’t just mix it with The Matrix. Yes, it made the movie. Became it’s unofficial anthem. But it’s larger than it. It can and does stand on its own two legs. [Yes. I know which video I chose for it. It was the best quality, sorry! I’m aware of the ginormous irony therein.]
Let it. Listen to it.

Put it on your MP3 player, go outside in the evening and enjoy rain, wind and cold with it.
And you WILL enjoy it it. :)