Let’s get all retrospective with the weather.

When I think 90s, I almost always think about summers. Mostly because I was in school during that decade and you kinda like the summer holidays more than just about any other time of the year. It’s warm, school’s out, the days are long and you could do whatever the fuck you wanted to do.

But, seeing as I was (and still am, come to think of it) a giiinormous nerd, I spend most of my time reading, listening to music and playing RPGs. Although there were copious amounts of BMX riding, scraped knees and mischievous adventures getting to and from parties and naturally all the stuff we did AT the parties. But still… Music, books, RPGs, wide blue skies and looong days and even longer nights.

And during those days and nights, there were some songs we really LOVED to listen to.

One of them is something you might call a “Summer Hymn”. A “Rock Hymn Of The Decade”. A simply great song with a tasty riff, some hard guitars, suggestive lyrics and a damn fun attitude. That it managed to evoke some 70s Funk Rock feelings too is just a huge bonus that puts the song further into my “Really Like” zone.

So then, go ahead. Listen to a part of my best summers.

Even though it’s only just 1993, the video is VINTAGE FUCKING 90s! It’s all that was good and proper with non-storytelling music videos. Eye-Candy for both genders, a freaky set, a wild riff… Perfect. Wonderful. Fun. :) (Also, the Nostalgia Critic reminded me of something today, via him mentioning this in relation to Daria: Midriff-showing tops on hot women. … They’re gone now. … I Miss them.)

Lenny Krevitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way [Are You Gonna Go My Way] | 1993 | Rock

Damn. That was fun.
I think I’m gonna throw another non-dark song your way tomorrow, too.

Consider this a tribute to the now gone summer-autumn-bastard week we had. I miss the sun. It was with us for too short a time.