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Okay, apart from all the iPhone talk, let’s focus just on Siri now.
I just watched the ad for it, and read some live-tester comments.

And, for fuck’s sake… That’s pure SciFi. That’s the stuff that makes a future, SciFi society. The iPhone doesn’t have an AI, but… With constant internet access and the ability to adapt to your language? You’re not going to notice.

I mean, really. Just look at the ad. How the people interact with this (and by tester testimony, it seems like this is not re-touched). How the woman sets the time. And how the iPhone replies. How the guy at the start interacts with a new message and then pulls up his playlist. Oh, and the line “Text my wife I’m gonna be thirty minutes late.” spoken and executed… Send some serious geek-shivers down my spine.

Sure, the iPhone and other phones had voice-control, but this… This is something different.

This is a slice of all those things we were not promised in SciFi novels because no one thought we’d ever be connected like this. This is stuff that Shadowrun4 and Eclipse Phase started showing us. I remember in 2004, when Shadowrun4 came out, how utterly dismissive I was of Comlinks and “WiFi everywhere”. It’s now 2011. And the iPhone 4S will be a near-perfect Comlink or a non-sentient muse.

Fuck jetpacks, fuck flying cars.
We’re living in the damn future.
And I really am loving it.

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