Let’s listen to a voice.

This one has no greater (sub)cultural appeal (at least that I’m aware of!). It’s just a song I really love and which I got as a single back in the days, too, as it’s simply a great tune. I’m also willing to bet some honest money that most of you will also know that tune. Probably not by name, but you either heard it in a movie, on the radio or on TV and it stuck with you. It’s easy to “forget”, but it’s pretty damn hard to “lose”.

So, in a way, I think what I’m going for is to simply make you remember what you were doing when you first heard that song. If you like… Share it with me, please.

So, go ahead. Listen to this track.
Remember. :)

Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You [Gorgeous George] | 1994 | Indie Pop

What gets me, every time, how much like an archetypical 60s tune this song sounds. I’d kill to hear a version of this song done by Jim Morrison.

As for me…? The memory most associated with this song is a particular moment in 1998, with a very particular and wonderful woman. It was so damn fitting. We danced to it. We kissed to it. We enjoyed a star-lit night to it. It was amazing how much of an emotional impact that song had on us both, even though it was during a random party and we’ve never seen each other before. So, yeah. This is a memory song for me. A good one.

Good night!

One thought on “Let’s listen to a voice.

  1. *lacht* Jetzt hab ich die ganze Zeit das Lied in diesen Eintrag nicht angehört, weil ich den Titel nicht besonders toll fand, den Namen vom Interpreten auch nicht kannte und habe gerade eben festgestellt, dass ich das Lied kenne. Was mich freut! *g* Jetzt mag ich den Eintrag und kann mir zu dem Geschreibsel viel besser was vorstellen. Schöne Erinnerungen hast du :)
    Das Lied hab ich mittlerweile schon sooo oft gehört, dass es fast schon nervig ist! Und das obwohl ich Lieder tot hören kann…

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