Let’s all enjoy a lazy autumn day.

…even though it feels much more like being knee-deep in summer. It’s around 28degrees Celsius. The sky is clear. The air is warm and fresh. And I’m sitting outside a Starbucks, sipping on a chocolatte mocha frappucino, listening to the music I’m going to show you today. (Yes. I’ve beco e the enemy. Using my iPad to leech free WiFi and listen to alternative music while drinking non-coffee coffee and getting shit done I should do at my desk. *g*)

I also see a Japanese exchange student video-chat to his girlfriend in Osaka from his MacBook. Damn. We really DO live in the future. Also? Damn cute. Warms my cold, gothy heart. :)

I’ll put in the video links and appropiate details later, but in the meantime, I’m going to ask you to listen to three songs, absolutely perfect for this weather, this situation.

R.E.M. – Drive [Automatic for the People] | Alternative | 1992
Fastball – The Way [All The Pain Money Can Buy] | 1998 | Alternative
Days of the New – Weapon and the Wound [Days of the New II] | Alternative | 1999

All utterly 90s.
All perfectly chilly and lazy and grooving along nicely while still telling a nice story.

Perhaps I’m out of touch, but I just don’t see such music released in the same quantity AND quality as back then. I don’t know if I should blame the music industry, the shitty economy, 9/11 or simply a change of focus. Most likely a mixture of all of them.

But now?

Ignore all this.
Lean back,
Get a coffee, or a Mojito.
Ad enjoy some chilly 90s tunes.

Feel good, all.
Thinking good thouoghts of you. :)


One thought on “Let’s all enjoy a lazy autumn day.

  1. Klingt nach einem sehr schönen Tag. Vor allem der Starbucks *g* Kaffee. Sehr gut! *hat natürlich einen neben sich stehen*
    Ich mag deinen Blog. Ich weiß danach zumindest mal wie die Lieder heißen, die ich kenne und wer sie gesungen hat! *lacht* Abgesehen vom letzten, das kannte ich nicht *g*
    Aber Drive mag ich sehr gerne!

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