Let’s Revisit 90s Goth…

It was in the mid-to-late 90s when I was introduced to both the World of Darkness and Goth music. It wasn’t as interconnected as it sounds, but they both helped each other. If there hadn’t been Mage (and my life would have taken the exact same turns as it did with it), I wouldn’t have gotten into Dead Can Dance until 2005, when I finally met a dear friend for the first time, on a nice wintry weekend in Berlin.

But Mage was there. And it made me check out Dead Can Dance. And I fell in love. To this day I can’t imagine running a Mage chronicle without using DCD heavily in setting mood and theme for many scenes.

But today, I’m not going to show you anything by Dead Can Dance. This will be left for another day. Probably in late October or early November.

Today I want to make you listen to a song that makes The Crüxshadows for me.
When I started hitting goth clubs and discos from 1999 onwards, this song was a club-killer. Up until 2003/2004 IIRC. People just loved to dance to it, and for a good reason. It’s uptempo beats and catchy melody make it perfect danceloor-fodder.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

The Crüxshadows – Marilyn, My Bitterness [Telemetry of a Fallen Angel] | 1995 | Goth (Yes, I’m putting them down as “Goth”, as I can’t decide between -rock and -electro. And it’s too heavy on both to fall under “Darkwave” for me personally.)

The 90s were a good time to be Goth. You had all the styles living side-by-side. New Batcave sounds came out side-by-side with extremely good Darkwave, EBM, Goth-rock, Synthpop and Industrial-Rock/Metal pieces, albums and bands. Even the smaller genres like Coldwave and Angstpop were getting great stuff.

But “mainstream” Goth? It was soaring. And The Crüxshadows (What is it with US Americans and weird-ass names? I’m German and that name gives me problems…) hit just the right spot. Mixing rock, electronica and string elements with a perfidiously charismatic lead-singer to a whole people actually liked to listen and dance to. They weren’t alone with this, no, but I stil remember that whenever the DJ put up a Crüxshadows song, most (if not all) of the Goth factions would meet on the dancefloor. It made for a wonderful mix of different dancing styles and forms of expression. It was a really good time. I liked it more than the fractured nature we see today. And I know what about this is because of Nostalgia and what’s because of rational reasons.

Back to the Crüxshadows. They somehow managed to start producing theme-albums from “Telemetry” onwards which still held club-hits and Single/EP material. That’s just good sense. They also managed to combine the utterly melodramatic with the fun. Making it very clear that they didn’t take themselves at all seriously. But then, most Goth acts don’t. That seems to be a Metal staple. And a fucking stupid one at that in some numerous cases.

Anyway, different topic. Different day.

Today, we celebrate 90s Goth and the party days of old.

And because I mentioned the World of Darkness, here’s the connection you’ve all been waiting for.
And if not… Well… Now you know. And knowing, as well all know, is half the battle!
Have a great day, everybody. :)

The Crüxshadows – Deception [Music From the Succubus Club] | 2000 | Goth