Let’s talk about Pop (Part I)

It might not look like it from the songs introduced until now, but… I LIKE Pop.
Good Pop, that is. One of the reasons I love the 80s so much. Soooo much great Pop.

And it’s a reason why I so highly dislike the last few years. It can be summed up with one mid-length word: Autotuning.
There are other factors as well, mostly regarding some blatant over-production (Yes, I DID just complain about over-production. No it’s not hypocrisy. I’ll tell you why when I get to it in a later post.) and the loss of great feel-good hymns.

So, let’s look a great early 90s Feel Good Hymn.
And I bet that EVERYONE of you knows this song and you will instantly start humming and singing along to it. And you will damn well like it!

Take a gander here. Watch it from beginning to end.

Spin Doctors – Two Princes [Pocket Full of Kryptonite] | 1991 | Pop (Rock)

It’s even an Autumnal Feel Good Hymn, how cool is that? Utterly fitting for the golden times we’re having now. :)
The video helps to sell that 90s feeling. It’s fun. It’s mixing at least three different styles of filmography. And it’s gonzo.
The song really makes you feel good, the flow is nice, the lyrics are damnably sweet and romantic without being sappy.

It’s a good song.
It’s good Pop.
I’d like more of this, even now. Especially now.