I’m actually already too late to where I was supposed to go.
So this post will start small and short and I’ll try to improve on it later today/tonight.

After some Swedish Metal, I’ll give you some German Metal. A Power Metal band. But not a Power Metal song. Still, one of their most iconic songs.

Blind Guardian – The Bard’s Song-In The Forest [Somewhere Far Beyond] | 1992 | Power Metal (Well, not THAT song, obviously.)

This is probably THE song to get you into the right mood for some fantasy roleplaying. If listening to this song won’t give you ideas for an sprawling woods, dark nights, wide fields and your sword and shield by your side… I’m sorry for you. Genuinely sorry.

It manages to be epic while being very downtempo. It’s uplifting without being upbeat. Nearly twenty years after it’s release it still sends shivers down my spine. And if you ever get the chance to see Blind Guardian live, you WILL hear it. And you WILL experience it.

Here, ten years after release.
Just… Just listen to this. Try to feel it.

This song also pretty handily kicks all those “Metalheads are all angry brutes!” myths right in the groin. (Yes, I’m aware of the irony here.)

And think of old stories and ancient legends.